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The 10 Best Beddings For Chinchillas

Chinchillas are excellent pets because they are exceedingly adorable, have fascinating personalities, and require little care. That doesn't mean you won't have to make difficult decisions about their care.

One such consideration is the type of bedding to use. You surely do not lack alternatives, since each pet store is brimming with various things.

Trying to pick out what sort of bedding is best may be difficult, and taking the wrong kind home could result in a large mess in your house (not to mention possibly causing health issues for your rodent).

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) looked at the best beddings for chinchillas on the market today and will show you which ones are suitable for your pet in the reviews below.


Small Animal Bedding from Carefresh

Carefresh is made of repurposed paper fiber and is incredibly absorbent, so you won’t have any sopping, unpleasant messes on your hands (provided you change it regularly, of course). It also absorbs ammonia odors, leaving the cage (and your house) feeling fresh and clean.

It’s also simple to get rid of because it’s biodegradable. You may even compost it if you like, making it one of the most environmentally friendly solutions on the market.

The fact that it is practically dust-free is maybe its finest feature. You can play with your chinchilla or clean their cage without having a coughing attack, and it’s ideal for animal enthusiasts who have respiratory issues.

While chinchillas don’t appear to mind the rough texture, we question if it’s as comfy as other alternatives.

Regardless, we believe that pets would prefer to sleep on dry, clean bedding rather than soaking in their own pee, which is why the very absorbent Carefresh gets the top rank in this category.


  • Extremely absorbing
  • Controls ammonia smells well.
  • Almost completely dust-free
  • Totally biodegradable
  • Beneficial for individuals with respiratory difficulties


  • The texture is harsh.


Kaytee Clean and Comfortable Small Animal Bedding

Kaytee Clean & Cozy is another paper-based product that is kind on the environment and does not produce a lot of dust.

Despite being identical to the Carefresh option in our top rank, this paper product is far less expensive, giving it an excellent budget option (in fact, it’s our pick for the best bedding for chinchillas for the money).

Because it is reasonably affordable, you can buy it in quantity without going into too much debt. This allows you to put a lot in your chinchilla’s cage while keeping them well-insulated from filthy paper.

It’s not quite as good as our top option, but that’s mostly because it creates a little more mess. Don’t get us wrong: it’s still cleaner than other non-paper alternatives, but you’ll have to deal with more dust than with Carefresh.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Bulk purchases are inexpensive.
  • Eco-friendly
  • Paper bedding generates less dust than non-paper bedding.


  • A little messier than our best choice
  • Clings to fur a little


Fresh World Ultra Strength Small Animal Bedding by Vitakraft

We’re big fans of paper bedding, as you can probably tell, and Vitakraft Fresh World is another of our faves.

It comes in little crumbles, similar to kitten litter, and is much easier to clean than many other solutions. It clumps to contain messes so they don’t spread throughout the cage, and those clumps are visible, so no mishaps linger for longer than they should.

The crumbles absorb moisture efficiently, so even when they clump, there’s minimal risk of your chinchilla acquiring mud on their paws.

It contains a unique odor-blocking composition that performs a good job of keeping odors at bay. It promises to be odor-resistant for up to two weeks, but we don’t advocate pushing it.

All of this will cost you a bit extra because this isn’t one of the cheapest beddings on the market. Also, if any escape from the cage, plan to spend some time cleaning it up because this stuff gets everywhere.

Vitakraft Fresh World is one of the best beddings we identified, but there isn’t enough of a difference between it and the two rated above it to warrant the higher price.


  • Simple to clean
  • Clumps to keep messes under control
  • Makes messes visible and easier to locate
  • The odor-blocking composition eliminates unpleasant odors.


  • On the more expensive side
  • If thrown out of the cage, he may cause quite a commotion.


Small Animal Bedding Living World Aspen Shavings

Living World Aspen is our first non-recycled paper alternative. Shavings are little pieces of wood. There are no aromatic oils or other additions in the shavings, but they do have a distinct wood odor that some users may find offensive.

It has a soft, almost fluffy quality, and many pets enjoy burrowing into it for hours. It certainly appears softer than many of its competitors. It’s also reasonably priced. It is effective in absorbing messes and is also capable of absorbing smells.

These shavings aren’t dust-free, so if you have lung problems, you might want to choose something less dirty. Living World Aspen Shavings isn’t great bedding, but there aren’t many better for the price, so it’s a decent pick for this area.


  • There are no aromatic oils or other additions.
  • Pets adore digging in it.
  • Inexpensive
  • Cleans up messes well.


  • It generates a good quantity of dust.
  • Strong odor of wood


Pure Comfort Small Animal Bedding by Oxbow

Oxbow Pure Comfort is comprised of virgin paper that has never been printed on, so there is no residual ink to worry about. Of course, this means your chinchilla won’t have anything to read when they go potty, but we believe it’s a little price to pay.

This substance is lightweight and extremely absorbent, with the maker claiming it can absorb 800% of its weight in moisture. We’ll have to take their word for it because we didn’t measure it, but it’s obviously capable of absorbing large messes.

It is, however, rather dusty, which is unusual for paper bedding. When cleaning out the cage, keep a brush and dustpan nearby, and people with respiratory difficulties should avoid it totally.

Also, while it may absorb a lot of pee, it stays moist thereafter. You must promptly remove the soiled paper, otherwise your chinchilla may trail urine all over the place.

Oxbow Pure Comfort is a decent bedding, but we’d like to see them make a few changes before rating it higher on our list.


  • Exceptionally absorbing
  • Paper that has never been printed on
  • Lightweight


  • Really dusty
  • Once peed on, it remains moist.


Natural HPCC Pet Bedding for Healthy Pets

While Healthy Pet Natural isn’t visually appealing, that’s part of its attraction because it contains no dyes or other artificial colorings. This is better for your chinchilla and allows you to compost it if you like.

There’s a lot of fluff in there, so your pet should be able to burrow down very deep. It’s also light enough that if they do, it shouldn’t be too oppressive. However, while fluffy, it is not particularly soft. In fact, it’s a little rough, and some animals might not want to touch it.

It’s quite dusty and doesn’t do anything to mask odors. Despite the rather expensive price, there isn’t much in the bag, so you don’t receive much for your money.

It’s commendable that Healthy Pet Natural avoids certain artificial additives, but it’s not enough to merit a better grade here.


  • There are no artificial dyes or colors.
  • Very fluffy and suitable for burrowing
  • Compostable


  • It has a rough texture.
  • It generates a lot of dust.
  • Poor value for money
  • Doesn’t do anything to eliminate smells.


Natural Paper Bedding for Small Pets

Small Pet Select Natural is comprised of unbleached paper, providing a secure haven for your small pet. It swells up to three times its original size once removed from the packaging, so there’s more in each bag than you may expect.

If you’re concerned about the environment, this product is manufactured from reclaimed wood, so no trees were sacrificed to provide a toilet for your pet.

However, it is more likely to be harmful to your chinchilla than to the environment. It will most likely attach to their fur once wet, which is plainly disgusting. If not replaced on a regular basis, it can also promote mold development.

It does nothing to prevent smells, and feces tends to sit on top of it rather than being mixed in with it. This increases the likelihood of your pet getting excrement all over itself, which they may subsequently track around your house.

Small Pet Select Natural is eco-friendly bedding that can help keep the earth clean, but don’t be shocked if it makes a major mess in your house.


  • Eco-friendly alternative
  • Out of the packaging, it expands to three times its original size.


  • When wet, it adheres to the fur.
  • Can encourage mold growth
  • There is no odor control.
  • Poop is piled on top of it.


Natural Softwood Small Animal Bedding So Fresh

Each bag of So Phresh Natural has a variety of wood kinds, including spruce, fir, and pine shavings. Because all of the wood is free of aromatic oils, it is scent-free and suited for persons with sensitive noses.

However, because the shavings are so thinly cut, they do practically little to absorb moisture. Urine spreads fast throughout the cage, so you’ll have to replace the bedding much more regularly than you’re probably accustomed to.

To have any hope of managing messes, you’ll need to entirely fill your cage with this bedding, which clearly adds up rapidly.

There are also sharp shards mixed in, which might endanger your rodent (not to mention your fingers). Overall, it does not appear to be a comfy place to lay down.


  • Combination of three different woods
  • Does not employ aromatic oils


  • Too thinly cut to be useful
  • Extremely low absorbance
  • To control messes, a big amount is required.
  • It must be updated on a regular basis.
  • Inside are sharp bits
  • Given the combination of woods employed, we had great hopes for So Phresh Natural, but those aspirations were swiftly shattered by its poor absorbency.


Small Pet Bunny Bedding Odor Control

Critters Comfort Odor Control is unlike many other beddings since it is made from coconut coir, which is the fiber on the husk of the coconut. Unfortunately, this is not a positive thing.

The trouble about coconut coir is that once broken down, it essentially becomes soil — and dirt, as we all know, becomes dirty.

When pouring it, expect dust all over the place, and digging will almost certainly result in a mess outside the cage. It also adheres to fur, so you’ll probably have tracking troubles.

However, it is not true dirt. It contains fiber, which is bad for your lungs when you breathe it in. This is especially true for your chinchilla, and it may cause respiratory problems.

Fiber is also more expensive than dirt, so you’ll have to dig deeper into your budget for each bag (even before you factor in any vet fees).

It’s not all terrible, though, because this product is absolutely amazing at odor control. This is insufficient to endorse Critters Comfort Odor Control, although it may be useful if mixed together with other bedding.


  • Excellent for odor neutralization.


  • Produces dust
  • Outside the cage, he has a habit of making a shambles.
  • It’s being traced all over the place.
  • Respiratory problems may occur.
  • On the expensive side


Carefresh is our preferred chinchilla bedding because it is incredibly absorbent, absorbs smells well, and is nearly dust-free. It’s a wonderful place to start if you want to treat your little companion.

Kaytee Clean & Cozy is a less-priced alternative. It’s environmentally friendly and simple to maintain, as well as economical.

Finding a good substrate for your chinchilla is one of the most essential decisions that a chinchilla owner can make, and BestForPets (bestforpets.org hope that these reviews have helped you select the best beddings for chinchillas for your little pet.

Buyer's Guide

Do they require bedding?

Yes, you do need bedding in your chinchilla cage. The bedding’s primary function is to absorb urine. You do not want your chinchilla crawling in puddled pee.

The other reason is that chinchilla feet might become harmed if they are constantly standing on a hard surface. Once this occurs, it can be extremely difficult to correct.

They do not require bedding to burrow or build a nest. Some tiny animals, such as mice and hamsters, require bedding for this.

Chinchillas do not need to make a nest since their fur is so dense, and they do not burrow in the wild because their front legs are not adapted for it.

Shavings of wood

There are several options for wood shavings for bedding. You should keep in mind that your chinchilla will most likely gnaw on these shavings.

It is better to avoid shavings that have been bleached, colored, or scented. This may be more tempting to you, but when chewed on, some of these can be quite hazardous to your tiny furball.

Wood shavings are useful for odor reduction as well as absorption. They are not as soft as they should be for your chinchilla’s feet. I’ll go through some dos and don’ts for using wood chips.

Wood shavings do generate dust, which might irritate your chinchilla’s respiratory system or you if you have allergies. Kiln-dried shavings generate less dust and contain fewer oils that may be hazardous to your chinchilla.


Aspen and Kiln Dried Pine are the best wood shavings to use. You may acquire them in various sizes of shavings and even pellets.

Be cautious not to get ones with sharp edges that can injure your chinchilla’s foot. Because of the oils in the woods, they must be kiln dried to ensure that they are not hazardous to your pet.


Avoid using Cedar shavings at all costs; they can induce respiratory problems and allergies in your chinchilla, as well as harm the liver.

Also, avoid mixed wood shavings; while this is a cheap combination, you don’t know what kinds of wood are in it, and the drying procedure employed in this blend may be hazardous to your chinchilla.


There are several bedding options produced from recycled paper. These are gentler on the chinchilla’s feet and more absorbent. They are not as effective at reducing or masking odor as wood chips.

When choosing paper bedding, be certain that your chinchilla is not eating it. A little chewing won’t hurt, but don’t give them too much or they’ll acquire a clog in their digestive tract and won’t be able to eat or drink.

This is known as stasis, and even if you get them to the vet, the damage may be deadly.

I would avoid this bedding unless I was confident that my chinchilla would not eat it. Some claim to be low dust, but there is generally a lot of dust, especially if you manufacture it yourself.


These linings are great for your chinchilla’s feet. And chinchillas hardly never nibble on the fleece. Your chinchilla will most likely nibble a few times before abandoning the fleece. If your chinchilla chews it more than that, you should remove the fleece from the cage.

Poop adheres to the fleece and is less likely to escape the cage. Urine passes through the fleece rather of pooling up for your chinchilla to trek through.

This piece contains almost no dust. This may be removed, shook, rinsed, and reused. Because it will need to be hung to dry, numerous liners are the best option.

Some cages may require you to make them since they are difficult to locate. When utilizing them, however, there is no ongoing expense and no storage issue. They will not be thrown out of the cage to cause a commotion.


The only fabric that is safe to use in your chinchilla cage is fleece. It does not contain unraveling threads like other fabrics. Other textiles, when chewed on, can enter the digestive system and clog it.

If you use anything like a towel in your cage, make sure to inspect it frequently for signs of chewing. This will result in a trip to the veterinarian and, maybe, death.

There is still more to come. I’ll tell you what I think is the greatest bedding option and what else you’ll need for a chinchilla cage. You may also do something to reduce your chinchilla’s chewing on the bedding.

The Best and Safest Option

In the bottom of the tray, place a tiny quantity of absorbent and odor-controlling bedding, followed by a fleece liner. This will reduce the bedding mess to nearly nothing. It will also allow urine to be absorbed away from the fleece, allowing it to dry faster and reducing odor.

This procedure will maintain your chinchillas’ feet in good condition without putting them at risk of being cut. It will also prevent them from eating any bedding.

There is no mess, stench, or eating of the bedding, fleece dries faster, and the chinchillas’ feet are in good condition. Obviously the finest choice for your chinchilla.

Bedding Replacement

This should be done once a week at the very least. If you don’t have a fleece liner, scoop up any damp bedding as soon as you discover it.

In addition, all bedding should be replaced on a weekly basis. This should be done regardless of the bedding. This, along with washing everything in the cage, should become a regular.

Other Items Required

A hay rack, a feeding dish, a water bottle, ledges and ladders, a hiding area, lots of toys and chews, and a wheel if your chinchilla is older than 8 months.

The more toys and chewing alternatives your chinchilla has, the less likely they are to chew on the bedding. This will keep their teeth in place and provide them with something to do. Also, have hay on hand at all times.

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Deborah R. Fletcher, DVM, is a skilled veterinarian with more than 15 years of experience dealing with companion and exotic animals. She has experience caring for a variety of animals, including household cats and dogs, reptiles, birds of prey, and even primates. Dr. Fletcher is a valuable part of the BestForPets team, where she contributes to their aim of providing pets and their owners with the finest possible treatment and services.

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