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The 6 Best Beagle Toys

Beagles are scent hounds designed to chase tiny animals such as rabbits and hares. They are never happier than when they are sniffing out a scent, yet their lively attitude and joyful personality make them ideal family companions.

However, they take thorough training and may be stubborn, so you may need to be inventive in order to keep them occupied and ensure they are well-behaved.

They may have separation anxiety, especially if they are not accustomed to being left alone, so it is a good idea to offer them a variety of toys and chews to distract them from the fact that you left them at home while you went to work.

As you can guess, there are hundreds of different dog toys and beagle toys on the market, therefore BestForPets (bestforpets.org) have compiled reviews and a list of the best beagle toys available for purchase.


KONG Classic Flyer Dog Frisbee

The Classic Flyer Frisbee is a fetch toy for your dog that utilizes KONG’s reputation for making high-quality and very durable rubber dog toys.

In addition to the following smell, beagles also like the thrill of the chase, which a decent frisbee duplicates. Surprisingly, the materials utilized in the construction of this toy also aid in keeping your beagle’s teeth and gums healthy.

It is quite affordable and should last a long time, however, there have been rare complaints of dogs chewing through the material, so this toy is best used for its intended purpose, fetch and retrieve play. Hopefully, letting your dog pursue the frisbee will tire them out so that they are less active when you bring them home.

This is not a good chew toy, but we consider it the ideal toy for beagles since it will wear them out and allow them to engage with you when playing in the park or yard.


  • Created by KONG
  • Excellent flight
  • A method that effectively simulates natural chasing


  • Frisbees are thin, making them simple to consume.


Dog Toy Nylabone DuraChew Medley

The Nylabone DuraChew Medley Dog Toy is one of the most cost-effective beagle toys due to its durability and design for aggressive chewers.

Whether you’re looking for something to keep your dog from chewing on household goods or a toy that helps clean the dog’s teeth as it chews, this is the product for you. The textured and scented ring is intended to interest and engage dogs while they are busy chewing.

While the toy is intended for large, powerful chewers, there have been reports from owners of large, powerful chewers (often huskies) that their dogs are either uninterested in the toy because it is too difficult or has managed to chew straight through it.

This should not be an issue for most beagles, whose jaws are not as strong as a husky’s, but it is a concern that prevented the Nylabone toy from taking the top rank.


  • Cheap
  • Durable and long-lasting for most dogs
  • Brushes teeth


  • Not appropriate for power chewers
  • Your dog may not think it amusing.


Nina Ottosson Dog Hide N’ Slide Dog Toy

Because Beagles are clever and like using their nose and snout, the Nina Ottosson Dog Hide N’ Slide Interactive Dog Toy is ideal for this breed. It is costly, which can be a risk since, as any owner knows, there is a considerable chance that your dog will reject a new toy, regardless of how helpful it is or how much it costs.

This is less likely with this toy, though, because its interactive elements reward your dog with a treat anytime they solve a portion of the puzzle.

It also includes a non-slip base, so it should remain in place until your canine companion works out how to use the sliding pieces and the pegs. Some owners have stated that their dogs have found it too easy to figure out, but the majority have stated that their pets have battled and that it keeps them busy for hours.


  • Keeps your dog entertained
  • Textured base for traction
  • Rewards dogs for intelligent behavior


  • Unlikely to sustain substantial chewing.
  • Perhaps too simple for more sophisticated canines.
  • Expensive


Pet Zone Treat Ball Interactive Dog Toy

We enjoy interactive canine toys. Small snacks are used as a reward for good behavior, in addition to forcing your dog to think and use its brain. They provide more than a basic chew toy, but they are not appropriate for all dogs or dog owners.

This Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball Interactive Dog Toy is equipped with many degrees of difficulty, allowing you to increase the challenge if your dog solves the puzzle too soon. One of the many advantages of this type of dog toy is that it may be used to avoid separation anxiety and bored chewing.

This specific toy resembles a hamster exercise ball, thus it is not recommended that you give it to your dog and then leave it alone with an exercising hamster. Some dogs have been able to easily twist open the ball to access the rewards within.


  • The interactive toy provides amusement
  • Variable difficulty levels to enhance the difficulty


  • This resembles a hamster workout ball.
  • Dogs can easily pry it open.


Toy Hartz Dura Play Rocket

The Hartz Dura Play Rocket Dog Toy is lightweight and durable. The vivid colors make it simple for your dog to locate the ball, even if it drops in the bushes. The latex coating makes it suited for pups and older citizens with softer teeth.

It is scented like bacon, so your pet should have no trouble picking it up and playing with it. It also has a squeaker to keep your dog’s attention on the toy and activity.

This toy is pricey and very simple to chew, so if your beagle is a chewer, it is better to avoid it. Otherwise, you will have to purchase replacements frequently.


  • Simple to toss
  • Bacon scented
  • Floats and is simple to locate


  • Very simple to chew
  • Expensive


Otterly Pets Assorted Rope Dog Toys

The Otterly Pets Assorted Rope Dog Toys are an assortment of rope dog toys designed for medium to big canines. Rope toys are ideal for chewers since they are tough to destroy and may be utilized for energetic activities such as tug-of-war. They may also be tossed, however, we recommend tossing them outside to prevent collisions and damage.

It is possible for your dog to absorb part of the toy’s strands, and some owners of extreme chewers have stated that their dogs were able to effortlessly destroy these toys. If your beagle can easily rip through rope, you should try purchasing a toy made of rubber instead.


  • Cheap
  • This pack includes various rope toys.
  • The rope is excellent for tug-of-war.


  • The rope might deteriorate and snap.
  • Hard chewers can still disassemble these

Buyer's Guide

The dog product industry is enormous, and there are tens of thousands of available beagle toys. It is important to consider the following factors when choosing the ideal toy for your beagle puppy, despite the fact that some of your selections will be based on personal opinion and the dog’s preferences.

Toy Kind

Beagles are scent hounds that are highly vigilant and observant, thus the following sorts of dog toys are ideal for them:

  • Chew – Chew toys keep your dog occupied, and if they are textured and made of the proper materials, they may also encourage excellent oral hygiene. Beagles may chew through a variety of materials, but they are not regarded to be particularly aggressive or hard chewers; therefore, you should avoid giving them soft foam toys. They may disassemble and ingest the pieces.
  • Chase – Beagles like hunting. Not only can throwing a toy that your beagle can recover delight them, but it may also wear them out, allowing you to enter your home in peace. Choose a toy that is easy for your beagle to find, fits readily in their mouth, and can be thrown or launched at a respectable distance. Some toys that are supposed to be tossed high or far are made of lightweight materials; make careful to remove these from your dog as soon as you’re done playing, or they will quickly destroy them.
  • Interactive Treat – The selection of interactive treat toys is expanding. These toys require your dog to solve puzzles or figure out how to access the treats contained inside. While some are as simple as inserting their tongue through the hole at the end, others include sliding pegs and doors that must be opened, posing a significant task for your dog. These can be beneficial if your dog suffers from separation anxiety while you’re gone since they will be preoccupied with attempting to find the buried kibble.

Factors to Consider

It might be a great letdown if you purchase a dog toy and your beagle refuses to play with it. Consider the following to guarantee that the toy is both helpful and appealing enough for your dog to want to play with it.

  • Color – Brighter hues are simpler to identify and appear more engaging. Your dog may need to search through overgrown vegetation for balls or toys to chase; a bright color can make this task easier. Choose a toy that floats if you plan on throwing it on the beach or near another body of water.
  • Scent – To entice dogs, several toy makers add a slight aroma to their products. There are toys with bacon and chicken odors, among others. These are designed to mimic the actual thing and will encourage your dog to chew organically. However, these fragrances have different degrees of efficacy, and some dogs can detect that the scent is artificial. Beagles are scent hounds, thus they are guided by their olfactory capabilities. However, they are also highly adept at detecting and identifying odors, so they may not be deceived by artificial tastes.
  • Teeth Advantages – Good dental hygiene is just as vital for your beagle as it is for you, but brushing and flossing may be difficult. Toys that provide dental care are often constructed of hard rubber and may have textured components that assist remove plaque. These products should never replace proper teeth cleaning, but they can augment your efforts.

How can I keep my Beagle occupied?

Because they are intelligent and active, beagles require stimulation. A beagle who is bored might become destructive. Buy them toys they enjoy, play with them frequently, and make sure they receive two daily walks. During training, employ novel and innovative methods of play and nutritious snacks as a reward.

Do Beagles Chew Aggressively?

Beagles are believed to be chewers, and if this behavior is not discouraged when they are puppies, it will continue throughout adulthood. Keep your beagle as occupied and amused as possible, and if you must leave them alone, leave toys and other activities that will prevent separation anxiety and reduce the probability of violent chewing.


Beagles are cheerful, alert, and energetic dogs who adore following a scent or pursuing tiny prey. A well-trained and content beagle is an excellent family companion, and we recommend providing them with a variety of high-quality toys, including some for chasing and others for gnawing. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hope that our selection of the best Beagle toys has assisted you in discovering a new favorite toy for your beagle puppy.

During our testing, we determined that the KONG Classic Flyer Frisbee was the best overall option; it was reasonably priced and a great toy for tossing and chasing. If you’re on a limited budget, or if your dog loves to destroy toys faster than you get paid, the Nylabone DuraChew Medley Dog Toy will endure for years and keep your companion occupied for hours while spending less than most other toys.

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