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The 12 Best Bandanas For Dogs

For a long time, dog accessories have been a multimillion-dollar business, ranging from modest puppy raincoats to expensive doggie costumes.

Many dog owners are proud of their sense of fashion, while others love dressing up their pets for various occasions. While not all dogs appreciate wearing dog accessories, most can typically tolerate smaller, less invasive attire.

Dog bandanas are a popular dog accessory that is simple to put on and looks wonderful while keeping your dog comfortable. Many dogs wear bandanas proudly, whether they're trekking or posing for a family portrait. However, finding the finest dog bandana that will endure might be difficult.

Fortunately, we've done the legwork so you don't have to. We sought for high-quality, long-lasting dog bandanas for a range of events and occasions. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) compiled a list of detailed evaluations for each bandana and compared them. Here is our pick of the best bandanas for dogs.


Buffalo Plaid Dog Bandana in Odi Style

The Odi Style Buffalo Plaid Dog Bandana is a bib-style dog bandana scarf suitable for any occasion. It has a timeless and always stylish buffalo plaid design, so your dog will stand out wherever you go.

It is composed of 100% cotton fabric that is both sturdy and washable, allowing it to be worn several times. It’s lightweight and breathable, making it ideal for most activities including outdoor family photographs.

This bandana easily fits most small and medium-sized dogs with neck diameters ranging from 10 to 20 inches, which is the normal range for most dogs.

Each bundle has four different colored scarves, giving you plenty of options. These, however, are not suited for toy and large-sized dogs since they are either too big or too little to wrap securely and safely around the neck.

Otherwise, the Odi Style Buffalo Plaid Dog Bandana is our top pick for the greatest overall dog bandana.


  • Traditional buffalo plaid pattern
  • Cotton fabric that is both durable and washable
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Most small and medium dogs can wear it.
  • There are four in each bundle.


  • Extra tiny or huge pets are not recommended.


Petsvv 019-DB-1 Reversible Dog Bandana 6pcs

The Petsvv 6pcs Reversible Dog Bandana is a dog bandana scarf set that may be worn all year for a distinctive and fashionable look.

This bandana set is constructed of washable and breathable cotton, which is essential in hot weather. It is less costly, allowing you to save money while still styling your dog.

This collection includes six bandanas, giving you a variety of plaid designs and color schemes to select from. Each bandana is reversible, featuring vivid and lively colors on both sides, and looks excellent either way around your dog’s neck.

However, this outfit is intended for tiny dogs and will not suit toy, medium, or big dogs. The cloth also pilled little after one wash, which is why it wasn’t our first choice.

Aside from those concerns, we believe the Petsvv 019-DB-1 6pcs Reversible Dog Bandana is the greatest value dog bandana for the money.


  • Cotton is both washable and breathable.
  • On the cheaper end of the spectrum
  • There are six in one set.
  • Reversible in vibrant hues


  • Only suitable for tiny dogs.
  • After one wash, fabrics pill somewhat.


Dog Bandanas Remy+Roo

Remy+Roo Dog Bandanas are a high-quality collection of handcrafted dog bandanas that offer a stylish alternative to more classic bandana styles.

These include one-of-a-kind and stylish designs for a more modern look, as well as varied patterns to convey your dog’s personality. They also come in a four-pack, ensuring that your dog has a bandana for any occasion.

This bandana pair comes in two sizes, allowing most dogs to wear them comfortably. They’re also easier to tie and sit more naturally around the neck than other bandanas, lowering the risk of the knot falling undone.

These bandanas are on the pricey side, so they’re not the ideal choice for active dogs. They also lack color variation, with three bandanas being blue, which is why they were left out of our Top 2 selections.

The Remy+Roo Dog Bandanas are an excellent choice for a high-end stylish dog bandana.


  • Designs that are unique and trendy
  • four in one
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Simple to tie


  • On the pricey side
  • Inadequate color variety


VP7081 Chill Out Ice Bandana ALL FOR PAWS

The ALL FOR PAWS Chill Out Ice Bandana is a cooling bandana with an extended cooling effect. It may be soaked in water and frozen to provide rapid cooling comfort for your dog in hot weather.

Instead of needing to wrap it around your dog’s neck, it includes a Velcro closure for convenient attaching.

The ALL FOR PAWS VP7081 Chill Out Ice Bandana comes in three sizes (small, medium, and large) to accommodate dogs weighing 10 to 40 pounds. The sizes, however, are very little, therefore the big dog bandana will only suit medium-sized dogs.

Another complaint is the shoddy stitching on the Velcro fastening, which appears to be readily loosening. It may also be ineffective in cooling long-haired dogs or those with extensive undercoats.

This ice bandana is a fantastic alternative if you have a dog with a short coat that needs a little help with the summer heat.


  • Hot temperatures are instantly cooled.
  • Velcro closure for quick and simple closing
  • There are three sizes available.


  • Cooling longhaired dogs may not be possible.
  • The Velcro fastening has poor stitching.
  • Sizes are frequently too small.


Dog Bandana Pet Heroic TP111R

The Pet Heroic Dog Bandana is a collection of fine bib-style bandanas that are ideal for pictures and trendy occasions. It’s reversible for two distinct design possibilities on one bandana, so flip it over for a new appearance.

This package includes two interchangeable bandanas in two distinct color schemes to complement your style. Each bandana also includes double snap closures for ease of use, eliminating the need to wrap it around your dog’s neck. However, because it is exclusively designed for medium-sized dogs, it may not fit larger or smaller dogs properly.

This bandana set appears to be significantly bigger than others, which may be uncomfortable for some dogs. It’s also not breathable enough for warmer areas, which might lead to overheating in your dog.

The Pet Heroic TP111R Dog Bandana may be suitable for you if you’re seeking for a premium bandana for easy trips and special events for your medium-sized dog.


  • Two separate designs are reversible.
  • Snap closures on both sides
  • One bundle contains two interchangeable bandanas.


  • Only for medium-sized dogs.
  • In warmer conditions, it is not breathable enough.
  • Bandanas are somewhat thicker than ordinary bandanas.


Dog Bandana by Rubicon Crossing Co.

The Rubicon Crossing Co Dog Bandana is a fashionable alternative to traditional bandanas and handkerchiefs.

It has a white rope collar made of genuine leather and a checkered bandana for long-lasting use. This model features a bandana and collar in one, so you won’t need to purchase a bandana separately.

The plaid bandana component is totally and readily detachable, allowing it to be removed when not required. However, the white rope may become discolored, giving it a worn and unclean appearance. It’s also too tiny for bigger dogs, with sizes ranging from extra small to medium.

If your dog already has a good collar, the Rubicon Crossing Co. Dog Bandana is more pricey than conventional bandanas.

If your dog is little and in need of a new collar, this bandana and collar in one may be ideal. For dogs that currently wear collars, we recommend starting with one of our Top 3 bandanas.


  • One bandana and one collar
  • reversible plaid bandana
  • White rope and genuine leather


  • Not suitable for bigger dogs.
  • White rope may discolor.
  • Bandanas are more pricey than conventional bandanas.


MyThemba Dog Bandanas for Holidays and Birthdays

MyThemba Holiday and Birthday Dog Bandanas are a set of nine dog bandanas that are appropriate for every event throughout the year.

This bandana set includes a bandana for each holiday, including New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, as well as your dog’s birthday.

It includes a total of nine bandanas, as well as two distinct birthday scarves for your birthday boy or girl.

The MyThemba Holiday and Birthday Dog Bandanas easily accommodate small to large dogs, with a larger size range than other bandanas. However, because they are composed of fairly cheap-feeling materials, durability may be a concern.

This set is more pricey than other bandana sets, however the total quality falls short of expectations. It’s also solely intended for the holidays, so it’s not the ideal pick for an everyday bandana accessory.

We recommend starting with the Odi Style Buffalo Plaid Dog Bandanas for higher quality bandanas with more neutral designs.


  • Set of holiday bandanas
  • Total of 9 bandanas
  • Fits canines ranging in size from small to giant.


  • Only intended for the holidays
  • More pricey than comparable sets
  • Material seems a little cheap.



The TRAVEL BUS Dog Bandana is a collection of plaid and striped bandanas that may be used with any style or fashion statement. It comes with a set of five reversible bandanas, giving you a total of 10 distinct patterns to select from.

Each bandana is constructed of lightweight and breathable cotton, making it suitable for usage in warm weather. They’re also machine washable, allowing you to reuse them after a long day outside.

However, because they are constructed of low-quality cloth that frays at the ends after limited wear, these bandanas will not last as long as premium brand bandanas.

The TRAVEL BUS Dog Bandana set is also touted for medium and big dogs, however they’re more comfortable for medium dogs than large dogs.

The cloth wrinkles and shrinks fast, rendering them entirely unusable. We recommend starting with one of our top two selections for superior quality and durability.


  • 5 reversible bandanas in a set
  • Cotton is lightweight and breathable.
  • Washable for simple cleaning


  • Easily wrinkles and shrinks
  • Only suitable for medium-sized dogs.
  • Fraying at the edges of low-quality fabric


Dog Bandanas PAWCHIE OE-DB10

The PAWCHIE Dog Bandanas are a lovely set of bandanas with the classic handkerchief pattern. This set includes four reversible bandanas in four distinct colors, giving you plenty of options for each day.

Each bandana has multiple snap closures for an adjustable fit, so there’s no need to worry about tying it properly.

While they’re quick and easy to use, the low-quality plastic snaps may not last long. They’re also composed of a relatively thick fabric that isn’t breathable, making them unsuitable for hot summer days.

The PAWCHIE OE-DB10 Dog Bandana Set is intended for tiny dogs exclusively, although toy-sized dogs may find it too heavy. The colors also fade after a few washes, thus they should not be machine washed.

We recommend starting with the Odi Style Buffalo Plaid Dog Bandana set for higher quality fabric that will not fade in the wash.


  • Snap closures on both sides
  • 4 reversible bandanas in a pack


  • Only for tiny dogs.
  • Plastic snaps of poor quality
  • It’s a little bulky and not very breathable.
  • After a few washing, the colors fade.


Paws Dog Bandanas with a Personal Touch

Tie-on dog bandanas in a range of colors are available from Unique Style Paws. They come in small and big sizes, although they may not fit extra-large or toy-sized dogs comfortably.

They are constructed of machine washable cotton fabric, which is lightweight and breathable. However, we couldn’t ignore certain flaws with the Unique Style Paws Dog Bandanas.

These bandanas are pricey for a single piece, but other bandanas are sold in groups of four to six for the same price. Because the cloth is poor and quickly tears, they will not last long enough to justify the high price tag.

Some of the design possibilities are also overly dark, and the colour varies between batches. They also have poor stitching, with the threads unraveling after a few usage.

If you want trendy bandanas that are also durable, we propose the Odi Style Buffalo Plaid Dog Bandanas.


  • Small and big sizes are available.
  • Cotton fabric that is machine washable


  • Pricey for a single bandana
  • Cheap fabric tears quickly.
  • Some motifs are overly dark.
  • Poor stitching quality


BestForPets (bestforpets.org) identified the Odi Style Buffalo Plaid Dog Bandanas to be the best bandanas for dogs overall after thoroughly researching and comparing each dog bandana. They offer a lightweight construction and a timeless plaid pattern for a fashionable and appealing appearance.

The Petsvv 6pcs Reversible Dog Bandana was determined to be the best value dog bandana. They are less costly than other types of trendy dog scarves and are constructed of high-quality cloth.


How Is It Safe?

Dogs are extremely energetic and lively creatures who are always getting themselves into mischief when out exploring. As a result, you should constantly think about how the bandana is fastened.

Is it manually knotted, has carabiners that connect, or is it fastened with a snap button? The last thing you want is for your brand-new dog bandana to fall off anywhere.

How do you wrap a bandana over a dog’s neck?

There are several methods to knot your dog’s bandana, but a lot of it will depend on the sort of bandana you purchased. Many are made into triangle shapes, but if your bandana arrives as a square, fold it in half diagonally to produce a triangle.

If your triangle bandana already has a thicker collar across the long side of the triangle (essential for tying), turn the long side of the triangle over on itself a few times to produce a harder edge of the triangle.

Next, select whether you want the bandana to hang in front, under your dog’s mouth, or around their back like a cape.

Then carefully wrap the bandana over their neck, cross the ends over each other, tighten to the desired size, and knot the ends around themselves again, pulling to tighten. This double knot will keep it from unraveling.

Finally, ensure that you can place at least two fingers between the bandana and your dog’s neck to provide for breathing space.

How frequently should a dog bandana be washed?

The quick answer is when it begins to stink, but the complete explanation is more nuanced. How much abrasion does it endure on a daily basis? Does your dog enjoy getting messy in the mud or do they prefer to spend their time on the couch?

If your dog is particularly active and prone to becoming filthy, wash or replace the bandana every two weeks or anytime it becomes soiled.

If your dog isn’t as active and prefers to relax, you should only replace it once a month. Another excellent rule of thumb: If you think it’s time for your dog to have a bath, it’s also a good time to switch out bandanas.

What does a dog wearing a bandana mean?

Generally, owners put bandanas on their pets for fun and whimsy. Some folks, however, use color-coded bandanas to highlight characteristics or cautions about their dog’s disposition.

A solid red bandana usually indicates that the dog should not be harassed since it is not fond of outsiders. An orange bandana denotes a dog who enjoys people but not other canines.

A green bandana indicates that the dog is friendly and receptive to stroking or other attention, whereas a yellow bandana indicates that the dog is anxious and should not be touched.

What to Look for in a Dog Bandana?


To begin, measure your dog’s neck so that you can acquire the best fit for their bandana. There is no fixed standard or range for bandana sizes, so what one manufacturer considers a “medium” may be an entirely different size for another.

If you know your dog’s specific measurements, you may choose the perfect bandana length regardless of the indicated size.


It’s critical to choose the correct material for your dog’s bandana. Is the material breathable? Is it easy to clean, and is it too heavy for your dog to wear every day?

Because they are constructed of more delicate materials or include logos or graphics that might come out in the washing machine, many bandanas are “spot clean only.”

You will undoubtedly need to wash your dog’s bandana at some time, so make sure you understand how to do so.

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