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The 11 Best Bags For Your Cat

Cats enjoy traveling, whether it's an impressive leap from the couch to the kitchen table or a covert mission to the neighbor's porch to confront that doggo. And you, as a devoted cat parent, want to indulge that passion...right?

You can with a cat backpack! Take a hike, take public transportation, or just walk around the neighborhood with your felis catus safely (and comfortably) strapped to your back.

Of course, not every cat will take to a backpack like a bee to honey. You may need to work with your pet to get them used to their new carrier before embarking on a long journey together.

Begin with a short trip around the block. If possible, leave the backpack in an area of your home where cats can access it for at least 24 hours before using it.

This gives your cat plenty of time to investigate, sniff, and become acquainted with the new carrier. You can also try feeding your feline offspring treats while they are in the backpack. After all, nothing beats treats to sweeten the deal.

Here are the best bags for your cat that BestForPets (bestforpets.org) think you should buy.


Backpack for PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier



This backpack has two side zippers and one in the front, making it simple to get your cat in and out, feed them, or simply pat them on the head. It’s secure enough for even the best little escape artists, with a safety strap and three safety buckles.

Soft sherpa padding lines the inside for your cat’s comfort, and mesh provides ventilation. There are also chest straps to keep the weight off your back. The PetAmi backpack is available in nine different colors, ranging from bright pink to black. What’s our favorite part?

It has pockets on the sides and front to store cat treats and pet supplies. It even includes a collapsible pet bowl that fits neatly into the side pocket!


Backpack PetAmi Premium Pet Carrier



This high-quality backpack is ideal for small cats weighing no more than 8 pounds. And it’s a steal at only $25 on Amazon. It’s well-ventilated and lined with soft sherpa padding to keep your beloved pet comfortable and safe.

It, like the Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack, is available in nine different colors and has safety straps, side pockets, and three zip-up doors. Don’t forget about the collapsible pet bowl, which is ideal for tucking into the side pocket and feeding and watering your cat on the go.


Backpack with Expandable Cat Carrier



This fashionable red and white backpack features a cute space capsule design, but that’s not all it has to offer. You can expand the backpack to make a mesh tent for your cat if they need to stretch their legs.

Two mesh side windows and nine air holes provide ventilation for your cat, and the window allows your pet to look around. The backpack is expandable, but it’s light enough to carry (less than 3 pounds), with padded shoulder straps and an adjustable chest buckle.


Backpack for Henkelion Cat



This space capsule backpack is available in a variety of bright colors. A completely transparent front allows you to keep an eye on your cat at all times.

Furthermore, the material is long-lasting and breathable, with plenty of ventilation. The straps take pressure off your back. This carrier can be worn as a backpack or as a front pack, making it ideal for hiking, biking, or sightseeing.


Backpack for Pet Carrier Lollimeow



This travel backpack is an Amazon’s Choice item, and it’s easy to see why. While it is a disposable backpack like the others mentioned above, it is also well-ventilated and convenient. It has a lightweight design with large ventilation holes and mesh side zippers.

The best feature is that it is also waterproof. It’s ideal for cats weighing 13 pounds or less; you can wear it in front or back, and it’s small enough to fit under an airline seat. The expandable backpack is available in black, pink, or yellow, but a non-expandable version is also available in green or red.

What is the best bag for cats?

Choose your cat backpack with care. Durability is essential. If it’s too flimsy, your cat may tear it to shreds (you’ve seen what those claws are capable of). Of course, you want your cat to be comfortable, so select a backpack with a soft inner lining and adequate ventilation.

However, don’t choose a backpack that is too large. Cats prefer small, cozy spaces, and if your carrier is too large, they may be jolted around when you walk.

You also want the backpack to be a little snug so you can easily carry it. Another factor to consider is that cats, like humans, prefer privacy, so choose a backpack that is not completely transparent.

Find a travel bag that can safely rest on a floor or car seat if you’re taking your cat for a ride in the car or on an airplane.

Check that you can secure it with a seatbelt if necessary. Many backpacks are airline approved, so double-check.

Finally, for the sake of both of you, look for a backpack that is simple to clean. Your cat will be much happier in a clean and 


BestForPets (bestforpets.org) really appreciate you taking the time to read this far. Your best bet is to research the many cat bags on the market and choose the one that best bags for your cat your pet’s needs.


Is cat in a bag healthy for cats?

Fabric cat backpacks will not suit all cats. We’d be concerned about putting an aggressive or difficult cat in a carrier like that because teeth and claws can easily tear through thin material. If your cat despises being placed in a carrier, a cat carrying backpack might not be the best option.

Are cat backpacks torturous?

Cat Backpacks: Are They Cruel? The short answer is that it is no different than carrying your cat in a carrier or walking them on a leash and harness. Fluffy will actually look forward to being inside it once they’ve gotten used to it. They are well-ventilated to ensure proper airflow.

Do cats enjoy carriers?

Again, because cats adore bags, a soft-sided bag carrier with a shoulder sling and entrances on the front, back, and top is ideal. You should have a thin blanket on hand to cover your cat’s head. And, of course, bring your cat’s favorite treats with you.

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