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The 11 Best Automatic Vacuums For Pet Hair

Maintaining a tidy home without pets is already a task. If you add a dog to the mix, you should expect to spend even more time removing the filth and hair that it collects. As a pet owner, there is little you can do to prevent dog hair and grime from appearing throughout the house, regardless of the size of your dog.

Standard vacuums are effective, but they do not necessarily make your life simpler. This is when robot vacuum cleaners become useful. These intelligent vacuums clean the house while you're gone, removing one task from your to-do list.

However, it is not always simple to determine which are valuable and which are useless. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has put together a list of the best automatic vacuums for pet hair this year to help you decide and get as much pet hair out of your home as possible.


The Eufy RoboVac 35C Programmable Robot Vacuum Cleaner Is an Excellent Choice



  • Size is 12.8 by 12.8 by 2.85 inches
  • Material: Plastic

The majority of individuals are interested in locating the top robot vacuum for dog hair that is also affordable. You want to be able to locate something that works effectively without having to spend a substantial amount of money.

The Eufy Robovac is an outstanding and reasonably priced alternative. This vacuum cleaner is extremely silent and can remove trash from your floors for more than one hundred minutes. Additionally, the form is extremely thin in order to slip beneath furniture and cupboards.

Some models even have a remote that allows you to adjust the cleaning schedule. Although it is effective on carpets, reviews indicate that it is most effective on hardwood and tile flooring.


  • 100-minute run time
  • Quiet
  • Slim design to fit beneath cabinets
  • Individualized cleaning schedule


  • Not suitable for carpeted regions


The Best Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Is the Pure Clean Robotic



  • 11 inches by 11 inches by 2.9 inches
  • Material: Plastic

This robot vacuum cleaner from Pure Clean is one of the best overall vacuums for dog hair, according to our research. Not only is it inexpensive, but it can also remove dirt and hair from a variety of surfaces.

It is powered by a lithium-ion battery that operates in 90-minute cleaning cycles. However, there have been criticisms that it lacks a charging base.

This vacuum contains a revolving brush that loosens certain caked-on debris, but it can be removed for cleaning carpeted areas. Moreover, the mopping attachment allows you to both sweep and dust. Additionally, the sensor effortlessly navigates about your home and reaches some of the most difficult-to-reach regions.


  • 90-minute cycle for cleaning
  • Rechargeable
  • Detachable heads
  • Mopping function
  • Compatible with numerous floor surfaces


  • No billing basis


The Pure Clean 2700PA Power Smart Vacuum Cleaner is an Exceptional Option



  • It measures 11.8 by 11.8 by 2.9 inches
  • Material: Plastic

It is possible to thoroughly clean your home without exerting any effort. This vacuum from Pure Clean, model 2700PA, is more expensive but well worth the investment.

Adjustable suction allows you to sweep, dust, or vacuum your carpet, tile, linoleum, and hardwood floors. Additionally, it operates for almost 120 minutes on a full battery.

This robot utilizes WiFi and is mobile phone compatible. The app is simple to use and allows you to create cleaning schedules and monitor vacuum performance and battery levels.

In addition, a revolving squeegee brush is included to remove tiny dirt particles. The nicest feature, though, is that it returns to its charging port when cleaning is complete.


  • Adjustable suction
  • 120-minute run time
  • Returns to charging base independently
  • Cleans numerous floor surfaces
  • Simple-to-use app


  • Expensive


The iRobot Roomba 675 Automatic Vacuum Robot



  • 13.4 inches by 13.4 inches by 3.54 inches
  • Material: Plastic

Another reputable brand that employs intelligent navigation to thoroughly clean the entire home. iRobot Roomba functions on a variety of surfaces, including medium-length carpets.

Many individuals like that it can link to Alexa and Google assistant. However, it is a bit pricey and the dust bin is tiny, requiring you to empty it more frequently than with other manufacturers. Moreover, there are allegations that it does not always reach it to its charging station before expiring.


  • Connects to Google and Alexa
  • Works on carpets of moderate length
  • Easy to navigate home


  • Small dust bin
  • Expensive
  • Occasionally dies before reaching the charging base


The Shark IQ Autonomous Vacuum Cleaner



  • It measures 38.9 by 26.3 by 49.6 inches
  • Material: Plastic

The robot vacuum from Shark IQ is a reputable brand that tens of thousands of people swear by. Self-emptying technology is one of the finest benefits when the battery is at the charging base. It could vacuum the house for days without needing to be emptied.

Additionally, it utilizes WiFi and maps your home so that it never collides with or scrapes the walls. The price and the fact that it is louder than competing brands are its primary drawbacks. Aside from that, it is currently one of our favorite selections on the market.


  • Self-emptying engineering
  • Maps out entire home
  • Simple-to-use app


  • Expensive
  • Loud


The Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Ecovacs Deebot 500



  • It measures 12.9 by 12.9 by 3.07 inches
  • Material: Plastic

Ecovacs has designed a robot vacuum cleaner with straightforward functions and construction. It includes many cleaning brushes and operates for 110 minutes.

The dust container is bigger, and the system is integrated with Alexa and Google. It is not ideal for carpeted flooring and will become entangled in odd places. This vacuum has a chance of dying before reaching its charging station.


  • Simple design
  • 110-minute run time
  • Integrates Google and Alexa


  • Not suitable for carpet
  • Gets stuck
  • Dieds before returning home


The Coredy Automatic Vacuum Robot



  • Dimensions: 12.6 x 2.76 x 12.6 inches
  • Material: Plastic

Coredy is programmed differently with the compact design and remote control introduced here. The run time of this brand exceeds 120 minutes, which is larger than that of ordinary robot vacuums. While these features are great, the trash can is small and the sensor is below average.

According to several evaluations, the suction tends to remain in one location for an extended period of time. Considering the greater price, these are undoubtedly factors to consider.


  • Programmable through remote control
  • 120-minute run time


  • Longevity at a single location
  • Small dustbin
  • Expensive


The BISSEL EV675 Automatic Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is Ideal for Pet Hair



  • It measures 12.75 by 12.75 by 3.5 inches
  • Material: Plastic

You undoubtedly already know that BISSEL has a whole series of devices designed to remove pet hair, and this vacuum is an excellent example.

It operates for more than one hundred minutes and features a low-profile, slender design to reach difficult spots. The remote even permits programming of the cleaning routine.

Although the suction is strong, it is not powerful enough to remove ultra-fine dirt particles and may miss some hair. Additionally, the sensors are subpar, so they may run into your walls a few times.


  • 100-minute run time
  • Slim design
  • Programmable through remote control


  • Insufficient suction
  • Impacts with walls

How to Choose the Best Automatic Vacuums for Pet Hair

When the first robot vacuums were released, they were plagued with several issues. They were frequently slamming against walls and becoming entangled prior to the completion of the house cleaning. The batteries seldom lasted long enough to clean an entire room before they needed to be recharged.

The world of robot vacuums is very different now. While many of us still use traditional vacuum cleaners, an increasing number of individuals are turning to these automated cleaners to relieve themselves of obligation. The only disadvantage of never having had one is not knowing what to look for.

Factors to Consider


Do not expect to get away with purchasing a high-quality vacuum for an exceptionally low price. You must remember that this is a worthwhile investment due to the amount of personal time you are saving.

We are not suggesting that you get the most costly model, but neither should you purchase the cheapest one and expect it to perform an excellent job of taking up pet hair.


There is no use in purchasing a new robot vacuum cleaner if it continues to malfunction or die throughout the cleaning routine. It is crucial to acquire anything with trustworthy reviews so that it lasts for years and you do not have to keep paying to have it repaired.

Simplicity of Use

Modern technology has made electronics quite remarkable. While some of these vacuums can link to your phone and respond to voice instructions, others offer a simpler design with fewer buttons and a remote control.

It is up to you to decide which of these characteristics you like, so give some thought to how easy or simple you want the vacuum to be.


Some of these robot vacuum cleaners have more bells and whistles than others. Be careful to go over all of the vacuum’s features whether you’re looking at one of these online or in-store.

You may discover that some are excessive, and you may save money by selecting one with fewer features. Alternatively, you may desire as many cool features as possible. Again, only you can choose which of these options is truly ideal for you.

Advice for Purchasing Robot Vacuums

Examine your residence

Note the type of flooring in your home, the thickness of the carpet, and whether or not the design must be slim or can be thicker. All of these factors will affect the vacuum’s performance within your house.

Select a budget

Budget is usually an integral component of the purchasing process. Some vacuums can cost well over a thousand dollars, while others cost only a few hundred dollars. Keep in mind that if you have a smaller budget, you may have to sacrifice certain premium features.

Consider the characteristics for cleaning

Most people are unaware of how many brush heads and cleaning functions modern robot vacuums provide. Again, the type of flooring you have has a significant impact on the cleaning that must be performed.

Scrubbing brushes are beneficial for hardwoods but not necessarily the best choice for carpets. You must also consider whether you require a mopping function. Consider what you want from your vacuum, and then find a product that meets your needs.


You don’t realize how wonderful it is to not vacuum until you have a machine that does it for you. These robotic vacuums are the best way to get rid of some housework and keep surfaces clean.

To clarify, the Pure Clean robot vacuum is the best robot vacuum for dog hair in general. However, if you want the best value, the Eufy cleaning robot is your second-best option.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank our visitors for visiting our site to learn about and research the best automatic vacuums for pet hair. We hope you discover a vacuum on our list that meets your demands and your budget.

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