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The Best Automatic Litter Boxes To Buy

Scooping kitty litter is a less-than-pleasant aspect of cat ownership.

However, if you don't keep up with litter box cleaning, it can cause a slew of issues for both you and your pet.

Fortunately, you can get a self-cleaning litter box that does the dirty work for you by removing the need for manual scooping.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has researched the market and tested popular goods to help you select the best solution for your feline pals, whether you have numerous cats or just one.

The best automatic litter boxes are listed below.


The best large litter box is the PetSafe Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box

In our testing, the PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box proved to be dependable.

This best-selling device is popular among cat owners for a reason: it eliminates waste automatically, so you won’t have to clean, scoop, or refill the box for weeks.

Simply plug it into the nearest outlet and select whether you want the cleaning cycle to begin 5, 10, or 15 minutes after your cat exits the box.

The sensor also records how frequently your cat uses the litter box, which can help you monitor their health. The ScoopFree Ultra is equipped with leak-proof disposable trays lined with polypropylene.

You may replace the tray every few weeks by removing it, tossing it, and replacing it with a fresh one. PetSafe recommends using Crystal Litter, which dehydrates solid waste and absorbs urine, to keep odors at bay.

A hooded cover is also advised to help minimize initial odors and prevent cat litter from pouring out. This could be your greatest bet if you’re seeking for a litter box solution that will make your life easier.


CatGenie Self-Washing Self-Flushing Cat Box is ideal for many cats

The CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box is a fantastic solution for households with several cats. While it is slightly more expensive than other automatic litter boxes, it can house up to three medium-sized cats.

It works like a toilet, flushing waste away and cleaning itself after each use with a hot-air feature. Remember that you’ll need an electrical outlet and a cold-water connection.

As a result, installing it in your bathroom or laundry area may be your best bet. Instead of litter, it employs septic-safe washable granules that never need to be replaced.

When your cat urinates, urine drains through the granules, and solid waste is liquified and drained away. The granules and tray are then cleaned with a sanitizing solution. And just like that, it’s ready for use again.


LitterMaid Single Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box is the best value

The LitterMaid Self-Cleaning Litter Box is a high-quality automatic cat box that won’t break the bank. It automatically scoops waste into a waste receptacle using an attached rake-like tool, sparing you of scooping tasks for up to a week.

The waste receptacles have a tight seal, allowing for easy disposal and odor control. A charcoal filter can also help to keep odors at bay. It’s meant to keep litter off your flooring with high walls and a paw-cleaning ramp.

This litter box is available in two sizes: single cat and multi-cat. Check out the multi-cat version if you have numerous felines in your home.


Nature’s Miracle Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box is the best

Nature’s Miracle’s Self-Cleaning Litter Box has a lot of fascinating features. When your cat walks down the attached ramp, a motion sensor detects it and automatically rakes away waste.

High walls prevent litter from being spread, and the paw-cleaning ramp eliminates tracking around your home. This litter box also includes a removable waste bin with carbon filters for simple disposal and odor control.

Furthermore, an LED nightlight allows you and your dogs to see it in the dark. This cat box, like the LitterMaid box, is available in single and multi-cat sizes.

While the manufacturer suggests using its super-absorbent litter, you can use any clumping kitty litter.

Final Decision

Pick up our best automatic litter boxes overall pick, the PetSafe Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box, if you’re looking for a dependable robotic litter box that takes the trouble out of cleaning.

However, if you’re seeking for a less expensive solution, consider Nature’s Miracle Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box.

After everything is said and done, we are grateful that, out of the hundreds of websites available, you choose BestForPets (bestforpets.org) to read reviews of the best automatic litter boxes.

What to Look for When Purchasing an Automatic Litter Box

Compatibility with Litter

Most automatic litter boxes require clumping cat litter, thus using more natural litters like wood-based pellets is unlikely. Some boxes have even more stringent needs, so when you buy, be sure you know what kind of litter you’ll need.


Automatic litter boxes are typically larger than regular tray-style litter boxes. It is always a good idea to measure the area where you intend to install your

Keep your cat’s size in mind as well. Larger cats prefer a larger box, whereas kittens and older cats may have difficulty stepping into boxes with raised openings from the floor.

Additional Benefits

Some automatic litter boxes are app-connected and will notify you when they need to be emptied or serviced. These capabilities may appeal to tech-savvy cat owners, but they may be too much for other people.

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