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The 11 Best Automatic Dog Feeders

Automatic dog feeders are an excellent choice for pet owners. They allow your dog to eat at any time of day or night, even when you are not present.

They are a great choice if you have an unpredictable schedule or if your dog needs to be fed often because of health problems.

Regardless of the circumstances, an automated feeder may alleviate stress by allowing you to devote more time to other obligations without your dog having to wait for a meal. eat.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) provides the following reviews to help you locate the best automatic dog feeders for your needs. Be willing to experiment until you find one that works. The ideal automated feeder for your needs is your puppy!


Dogness Mini Programmable Automatic Dog Feeder – Overall Winner



  • Count of cups: three
  • Distantly available: No
  • Food type: dry, freeze-dried
  • White, pink, and green

The Dogness Mini Programmable Automatic Feeder is the finest dog feeder overall. This feeder comes in three colors and has a capacity of over eight cups of dry or freeze-dried food.

It allows you to program up to four meals at any time of day or night. It also features a voice recording capability that allows you to call your dog to mealtimes with a recorded message.

It is USB-powered, but incorporates a backup battery in case of a power outage. The feeding tray is made of stainless steel and is simply detachable for cleaning.

There is no method to remove the storage hopper for thorough cleaning, making it difficult to clean for some.


  • Three hue choices
  • Up to 8.3 cups of food capacity
  • Fully programmable for as many as four daily meals
  • Voice recording capability
  • Integrated battery backup
  • Easy to remove stainless steel feeding tray for cleaning


  • Cleaning the feeding hopper may be tricky


PetSafe Eatwell 5-Meal Automatic Dog Feeder – Highest Quality



  • Count of cups: five
  • Distantly available: No
  • Food type: dry, freeze-dried
  • Color: Tan

The PetSafe Eatwell 5-Meal Automatic Feeder is the most cost-effective automatic dog feeder. This cost-effective feeder can accommodate up to five cups of dry or freeze-dried food divided into five 1-cup parts.

The food trays are dishwasher-safe for simple cleanup, and the feeder may be programmed to provide up to five daily meals. Your pet can only access one meal at a time, preventing them from overeating at one sitting.

It takes four D-cell batteries that, with everyday usage, may last up to a year. This feeder is not as pet-proof as the majority of others on the list, so if your dog is particularly sly around food, it may not be the ideal option.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Holds up to five 1-cup pieces of food
  • Food trays dishwasher safe
  • Can provide up to five daily meals
  • One meal is available at a time
  • Batteries can last for up to a year


  • Requires four D-cell batteries
  • Unlike most pet-resistant feeders


Whisker Feeder-Robot Auto Dog Feeder – High-Quality Option



  • Count of cups: eight
  • Yes, remote accessibility
  • Dry, freeze-dried, and semi-moist food
  • The colors are white and black

Whisker Feeding-Robot is the best automated dog feeder available. This feeder comes in two color options and can contain up to eight cups of food. It can be used to provide semi-moist, freeze-dried, or dry food.

This intelligent feeder is Wi-Fi equipped, enabling remote adjustments. It may accommodate as little as 1/8 cup each serving and up to eight meals per day.

It features an integrated battery backup that can operate for up to 24 hours in the event of a power outage. It contains detachable components within the hopper for simple cleanup.

This automated feeder is sold at a premium price, thus it may be beyond of reach for most individuals.


  • Two hue alternatives
  • Up to 8 cups of food capacity
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Provides up to 8 daily meals
  • Battery backup lasts for 24 hours in the event of a power loss
  • Removable parts for simple maintenance


  • Premium price


ORSDA Automatic Wet Food Dog Feeder – Best for Puppies



  • The number of cups is seven
  • Distantly available: No
  • Any type of food
  • Color: Navy

The ORSDA Wet Food Automatic Feeder is the best option for feeding a puppy. This feeder can contain up to seven cups of food in five pieces and can accommodate any sort of food, even moist.

You may build a custom voice recording to remind your dog to eat. The meal bowl and lid are detachable and dishwasher-safe for simple cleanup.

It operates on electrical power but requires three AAA batteries as a backup in the event of a power outage. This is meant for moist food, however it does not keep food cold, thus moist food should be replaced once or twice day to maintain its freshness.


  • Due to the variety of meal alternatives, this product is excellent for pups
  • Up to 7 cups of food capacity
  • Option for personalized voice recording
  • Cover and food bowl are safe for the dishwasher
  • Utilizable with electrical power and battery backup
  • Provides up to five daily meals


  • Not able to keep food cold


SureFeed Microchip Dog Food Dispenser



  • The number of cups is six
  • Distantly available: No
  • Any type of food
  • Color: White

If you have many pets and wish to prevent food theft, the SureFeed Microchip Feeder is an excellent choice.

This feeder can dispense up to two meals per day or be configured to dispense when your dog approaches, and it is compatible with any type of food.

It may be designed to recognize up to 32 microchips, allowing you to set it for as many or as few dogs as you like. It will keep food fresh and pest-free, such as from ants.

It automatically opens and shuts when a pet with a programmed microchip approaches, preventing other dogs and strays from accessing your dog’s food. This feeder is sold at a premium price and is powered by C-cell batteries.


  • Excellent method for preventing other pets from consuming food
  • Multiple feeding settings
  • Identifies up to 32 RFID tags and microchips
  • Keeps food fresh and insect-free
  • Only opens when a trained pet approaches


  • Premium price
  • Requires C-cell batteries


Automatic Dog Feeder from Pawple



  • The number of cups is 20.
  • Distantly available: No
  • Food type: dry, freeze-dried
  • Color: White

The maximum capacity of the Pawple Automatic Feeder is 20 cups of dry or freeze-dried food. It may be programmed to dispense up to four meals per day and has a voice recording feature for calling your dog to meals.

The locking cover keeps food secure and fresh, and the device is powered by USB or D-cell batteries. The feeding tray may be cleaned in the dishwasher for convenience.

It may be programmed to dispense anywhere between two teaspoons and four and a half cups every meal, making it suitable for dogs of any size. Only a moist towel may be used to clean the hopper, making it difficult to maintain its cleanliness.


  • Up to 20 cups of food capacity
  • Can provide four daily meals from 2 mL to 4.5 cups
  • Locking lid and dishwasher-safe tray for feeding
  • Compatible with USB power and D-cell batteries
  • The feeding tray may be cleaned in the dishwasher


  • Only the feeding tray is detachable and dishwasher safe


Cat Mate C500 Digital Automatic 5-Meal Dog Feeder



  • Count of cups: five
  • Distantly available: No
  • Any type of food
  • Color: Off-white

The Cat Mate C500 Digital 5-Meal Automatic Feeder can store almost seven cups of any sort of food in its five distinct sections. It has ice packs to keep wet food cool and fresh and may be programmed to provide up to five meals per day.

The bowl and lid are dishwasher-safe, and the lid is tamper-resistant, preventing your dog from eating outside of mealtime. This feeder is simple to program because to the LCD display’s clarity and usability.

Since ice packs are the only means through which this feeder can keep food cold, you may need to order more to ensure that the feeder remains cool at all times. Three AA batteries are required for functioning.


  • Holds up to 7.5 cups of food of any type
  • Can provide up to five daily meals
  • Ice packs preserve the freshness of moist food
  • The bowl and lid are dishwasher-safe, and the lid is tamper-resistant
  • LCD display is simple to use


  • Additional ice packs may be required to keep meals cold
  • Three AA batteries are required to operate the device


SereneLife Voice Recorder and Automatic Dog Feeder



  • The number of cups is 25
  • Distantly available: No
  • Food type: dry, freeze-dried
  • Color: White

The SereneLife Automatic Pet Feeder & Voice Recorder may be configured to serve up to four meals per day and can carry up to 25 cups of dry or freeze-dried food.

It contains a voice recorder feature that allows you to record your own voice to summon your dog to meals. It uses electrical power and includes a battery backup option.

Using infrared technology, it helps avoid food spillage and maintains cleanliness around the food bowl. After a power loss, without the addition of batteries, this feeder is reset to factory settings.

The internal clock may run quickly or slowly, making it difficult to set precise feeding timings, especially when attempting to synchronize two feeders.


  • Up to 25 cups of food capacity
  • Provides up to four daily meals
  • Voice recording capability
  • Infrared technology prevents food from leaking


  • Resets to factory settings following a power loss
  • Internal clock may operate quickly or slowly


Automated Gamma2 Nano Dog Feeder



  • Number of cups: thirty
  • Distantly available: No
  • Food type: dry, freeze-dried
  • Color: Black

The Gamma2 Nano Automated Feeder can be programmed to deliver up to six meals per day and can hold up to 30 cups of food. It is powered by electricity and may accept batteries as a backup power source.

After a power interruption, factory defaults will be restored. It detects and avoids food blockages in the hopper, ensuring that your pet never goes hungry.

The hopper does not appear to empty evenly, which may cause the feeder to signal for food additions even when there is still food in the hopper.

It has a small door that closes over the food chute to prevent pets from accessing the food in the hopper between feedings. Some individuals claim that this bird feeder is louder than others.


  • Up to 30 cups of food capacity
  • Provides up to six daily meals
  • Identifies and avoids food clogging in the hopper
  • A little door seals the feeding chute between meals


  • Resets to factory defaults following a power failure
  • Hopper may not drain uniformly
  • May be noisy

How to Choose the Most Effective Automatic Feeder for Your Dog

To pick the appropriate automated feeder, you must first determine the sort of food your dog consumes. The majority of automated feeders prohibit wet food, so limiting your alternatives.

If you have a large-breed dog that demands a considerable amount of food every meal, you will need to select a feeder that can keep up with these requirements.

Additionally, you should choose an automated feeder with sufficient food capacity for your demands.

If you are leaving town for a few days and need an automated feeder to take care of your dog’s meals in between pet sitter visits, choose a feeder that can hold and dispense sufficient food.

Your entire holding capacity requirements for a small dog will differ from those for a large dog.

Also consider the age and personality of your dog while buying a feeder. Dogs prone to anxiety may dislike a feeder with apparent motion or excessive noise.

Puppies may require an easy-to-use feeder that can be educated, although an adult dog may take any style of feeder.

This section discusses issues and suggestions to bear in mind while selecting the best automated dog feeder for you and your dog.

Automatic feeders allow you to regulate the amount of food your dog consumes. You may also determine how many times per day the dispenser will deliver the daily dose. Examples of features include:

Programming Choice

Some give programming directly on the feeder through an LCD screen, while others are more advanced and let you to utilize a smartphone app.

Programming your dog’s feeding routine should be simple and quick regardless. Additionally, you don’t want to lose the software you’ve built up if the power goes out, so an internal memory is perfect.

Food Reservoir

If you don’t want to be concerned with how much food is in the reservoir, you’ll need a huge capacity, but you’ll still need to replenish it roughly once per week.

Obviously, this will depend on the amount of food you feed your dog. Periodically, you must also clean the reservoir, so one that can be detached and submerged in water will make this process easier.


A sensor feature provides added assurance that your dog will not be overfed or that the food will not overfill the dish. A good sensor will prohibit food from being dispensed if there is leftover food from the last feeding.

Simplicity of Use

One reason to acquire an automated feeder is to save time, thus we understand that you do not like to spend a whole day cleaning or maintaining the feeder.

If the feeder has several functions, ensure that you are familiar with them and feel confident operating the feeder as a whole.


Electronic automated feeders are costly, with some being more than others. The sort of feeder you may purchase will depend on your budget. Simply said, the more bells and whistles a product has, the more you will pay for it.

Purchasing Advice for an Automatic Feeder

  • Ensure that you get the appropriate size for your dog. It will be tough for an enormous dog to eat from a little dish.
  • Electronics may and will fail, especially if they are of poor quality and often used.
  • Consider why you require an automated feeder. Is it connected to comfort? Or to prevent your dog from becoming overweight? Perhaps to increase your dog’s appetite?


For these assessments, we have chosen the very finest automated feeders on the market. The Dogness Small Programmable Autoloader is available in a range of colors and is the finest option overall.

The PetSafe Eatwell 5-Meal Automatic Feeder is one of the simplest and most economical feeders that can provide up to five meals each day. Wi-Fi-capable and dependable, the Whisker Feeder Robot is a premium solution.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank our visitors for visiting our site to learn about and research the best automatic dog feeders. We hope you chose the best automatic dog feeder for your pet and your budget.

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