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9 Best Automatic Cat Feeders For Multiple Cats

If you have independent cats, an automatic cat feeder may be beneficial. Automatic cat feeders have changed and improved over the years, making them far more dependable.

They're an excellent purchase, especially if you're transitioning from working from home to returning to the office, or if you travel frequently.

Because there are so many various types of cat feeders, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) compiled a list of the best automatic cat feeders for multiple cats.

Having more than one feline might be especially challenging at mealtime. Continue reading to select an automatic cat feeder that is ideal for you and your cats.


Best Value Cat Mate C200 Bowl Automatic Pet Feeder

This automatic cat feeder is a cost-effective choice that can feed one or two cats. When the timer goes off, two bowls with lids rise to the surface.

This feeder is distinctive in that it can handle both dry and wet cat food. It also comes with an ice pack to keep wet cat food cool and fresh.

It may be limited in the number of times it can deliver food, but it is usually far less expensive than other mechanical cat feeders.

As a result, it is the best automatic cat feeder for several cats for the money. If your cat eats both dry and wet cat food, this is a fantastic supplemental dispenser.


  • Can store moist food
  • Food stays fresh with an ice pack.
  • Simple to clean


  • Dispenses two distinct dinners


Premium SureFeed Microchip Small Pet Feeder

SureFeed’s automatic cat feeder is one of the most technologically advanced on the market. It detects the microchip implanted in your cats by veterinarians and only opens when the chosen cat approaches.

It also includes a special collar that allows only the pet wearing this color to eat from the feeder. This device is ideal for multi-pet households since it stops other pets from eating your cat’s food.

The feeder also includes instructions to help train your cat to accept it. As a result, even fearful cats can learn to feed from it. It can also store both dry and wet food, allowing your cats to eat their favorite foods while you’re away.

It’s worth noting that this feeder doesn’t have as much capacity as other automatic cat feeders. As a result, it’s a good answer for when you’re gone for a brief amount of time.

It’s also preferable if each pet gets its own feeder, which can be costly. However, if you have a pet who steals food and puts on weight, this is an excellent way to keep that creature from eating another pet’s food.


  • Prevents food theft
  • Can hold both dry and wet food
  • Food is kept fresh.


  • Has a limited capacity.
  • Relatively costly


DOGNESS Auto WiFi Pet Feeder and Camera – Ideal for Kittens

This feeder has a very simple setup. You may set up a food dispensing plan and record your voice to call your kitties anytime the dispenser releases additional kibble after plugging it in and connecting it to the accompanying phone app.

Because of the HD camera attached to it, we recommend this feeder for kittens. This function allows you to keep an eye on your kittens while you’re away and ensure they’re feeding and safe.

One thing to bear in mind is that this feeder just has a power adaptor and no backup batteries. As a result, if there is a power loss, this feeder will remain turned off.


  • Connects to a smartphone application
  • Has a high-definition camera
  • Dispenser with patented jam-free technology


  • There are no backup batteries.


WellToBe Cat & Small Dog Dispenser

The WellToBe Dispenser for Cat & Small Dog is the best overall automatic cat feeder for many cats. It has a very modern, clean appearance, as well as a really intelligent design that genuinely makes feeding your cats automatic and stress-free.

To begin, you can schedule up to six meals each day. An infrared sensor in the feeder prevents the food dish from overfilling.

It is powered by an adaptor, however batteries can be installed if there is a power outage. You can even record your voice and have it play automatically at mealtimes to urge your pets to eat.

This feeder also includes a splitter, which allows the kibble to fall into two separate bowls. This encourages your kitties to eat their fair share.

Just keep in mind that the kibble cannot be larger than 0.47 inches in diameter or it will jam the feeder. If the dispenser becomes clogged, it has an automatic reversing system that sifts the kibble.


  • Splitter with two channels
  • System for automatic declogging
  • Has a backup power supply


  • Kibble must be larger than 0.47 inches.


Automatic Cat Feeder HoneyGuardian

The HoneyGuardian Automatic Cat Feeder is a substantial and secure solution for cat owners who travel frequently or spend extended periods of time away from the house.

It includes a large capacity for kibble and a flashing indication that indicates when the food is running low. As a result, this feeder is less likely to run out of kibble.

It also includes a handy two-way splitter so your cats can eat from different dishes. You don’t have to worry about kibble being trapped because the feeder features a sensor that detects when food becomes lodged.

This sensor then triggers an internal system that works to break up the kibble. Finally, this cat feeder can run on batteries, so if the power adapter fails, it will automatically take energy from the batteries.

Some cat owners who purchased this feeder had difficulty setting up the automatic dispensing schedule at first since the buttons on the configuration page can be perplexing at first.

However, after you’ve gotten the hang of it, you should be able to program the feeder to automatically dispense food up to six times per day.


  • Enabled voice recording
  • Battery backup
  • Splitter with two channels


  • The setup is not particularly user-friendly.

Choosing The Best Automatic Cat Feeder for Multiple Cats

Even within the field of automatic cat feeders, there are numerous possibilities. To pick the perfect feeder for your situation, take into account the following crucial elements.

Cat Food Storage Capacity

Purchase a feeder that can carry the appropriate amount of food for the number of cats in your home. Most feeders hold 10-20 cups of dry cat food.

The capacity of the feeder will determine how long you can be away from home. If you travel regularly or have more than two cats, look for a cat feeder that holds at least 18 cups of cat food.

Also, find a cat feeder that can dispense the appropriate type of food. Most automatic feeders can only hold dry cat food.

However, there are certain types that can handle wet cat food, such as the Cat Mate C200 20Bowl Automatic Dog & Cat Feeder and the SureFeed Microchip Small Dog & Cat Feeder.

Remember that because they use ice packs, these feeders can only retain wet cat food for a limited amount of time. As a result, it’s recommended to utilize these types of feeders if you’ll be gone for less than 24 hours.

Number of Meal Distributions Per Day

Different cat feeders can distribute food at different intervals. Cat feeders that deliver food more regularly are typically more expensive.

However, you may not have to purchase these feeders. Most cat feeders allow you to adjust the portion quantity of the meals that are supplied.

As a result, if you don’t mind releasing a bigger volume of food, you can save money by purchasing a cat feeder that distributes fewer daily meals.

Smart Technology Alternatives

Over the years, various new types of technical innovations have appeared on cat feeders.

The following are the most common advancements:

  • Meal planning via phone app
  • Voice capture
  • Cameras for pets
  • Voice control
  • System of automatic de-jamming

These features aren’t strictly necessary, but they certainly make feeding your cats much easier. To schedule meals, the most convenient smart technology is a phone app.

Many automatic cat feeders that use a localized LCD display screen to arrange meals are not very user-friendly, and meal schedule setting can be time-consuming.

Phone apps make scheduling considerably easier, and it’s simple to give food remotely right away.

The one catch is that phone apps rely on WiFi, so if you lose connectivity or are in a location with a poor service, you won’t be able to adjust your meal plan.

Energy Sources

The majority of automatic cat feeders are powered by a power adapter. Battery-powered cat feeders are becoming increasingly rare these days.

If you’re frequently away from home, seek for cat feeders with a backup power source so you don’t have to worry if there’s a power outage while you’re gone.

The HoneyGuardian Automatic Cat Feeder and the WOPET 6L Automatic Cat Feeder are two excellent examples of feeders that have a significant backup power supply.


Taking into account all of the criteria for a good cat feeder, we believe the WellToBe Dispenser for Cat & Small Dog is the finest overall automatic cat feeder for multiple cats.

It usually has a comparable pricing and all of the features you need to ensure that your cats are well-fed while you are away.

A excellent alternative is the DOGNESS Automatic WiFi Dog & Cat Smart Feeder with HD Camera.

It has a camera, which gives you piece of mind because you can check on your favorite kitties when you’re away from home.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that our list of the best automatic cat feeders for multiple cats aided you in your hunt for the ideal solution for your pet!

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