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The 10 Best Artificial Aquarium Plants

There is nothing more desirable than a lush, well-planted aquarium and a variety of fish and invertebrates that really enjoy one.

It is important to consider the size and lighting conditions of the tank before adding live plants.

It goes without saying that plants need light, but many plants also benefit from additional nutrients and, in certain cases, carbon dioxide (CO2).

Furthermore, plants often thrive when there are no fish there to constantly pluck or try to eat them. Goldfish, you have our attention.

Fake aquarium plants come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and themes, making them a great alternative for anyone who desires a planter tank but can't get one.

Unlike real aquariums, artificial aquariums don't need much maintenance other than cleaning the inside of the aquarium every so often.

To assist you in choosing the right artificial plants for your aquarium, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled reviews of the best artificial aquarium plants available.

There's something here for everyone, whether you want to decorate your tank or give your fish somewhere to hide.


Fish Tank Plants for Otterly Pets: The Best of the Best

Otterly Pets Plastic Plants

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Otterly Pets Aquarium Plants are the greatest artificial aquarium plants available. These fake plants come in eye-catching hues of green, blue, and purple, adding a touch of color and realism to your aquarium.

This set of eight plants ranges in height from 4 to 12 inches.

As a result, the plastic used to create these artificial plants is non-metallic and non-toxic. This means that they won’t change the pH of your aquarium water and are less prone to decompose over the long term.

These are supported by ceramic bases that add stability, but are easily tipped over by fish who are motivated to do so.

This pack of plants is great for aquariums of 20 gallons or more, but its contents are likely to be too huge for smaller containers.

Even though they won’t harm the environment, they do contribute to the mountain of plastic in landfills, so be sure to recycle them or find another use for them when you’re done with them.


  • Exciting and vivid in color
  • This pack contains eight plants ranging in height from 4 to 12 inches!
  • Plastic that is healthy for the environment and does not contain any harmful chemicals
  • No effect on aquarium pH
  • They are held securely in place by ceramic bases.


  • Recommended for tanks of 20 gallons or more
  • Safe for the environment, but not the environment

The Most Economical GloFish Plastic Aquarium Plant

GloFish Fluorescent Plant

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We found the GloFish Plastic Aquarium Plants to be the most lifelike and realistic looking artificial plants for the aquarium at the cheapest price. Approximately five to fifteen inches in height, these plants are offered in ten different hues and kinds.

These plants were developed to glow under the GloFish tank lights, and though they are already vibrant in color, the lights will bring forth much more variety.

There are both single-color and multi-colored choices available. Every one of them has a weighted, stone-like foundation that may be used independently to keep it from moving about.

These artificial plants are designed to sway in the current, making them appear alive and lifelike. Wire framing within the plastic makes it possible to shape each plant whatever you choose.

GloFish plants are sold singly, thus stocking a tank will require many purchases. For added stability, bury the bases in the substrate of your aquarium, even if they are weighted.


  • There are ten distinct colors and patterns to choose from, and four different sizes.
  • Designed to Glow in the GloFish UV Light
  • Brilliant in hue even when the lights are off
  • Faux-stone pedestals
  • The body’s innate ability for movement and posture


  • Exclusively available in isolated transactions
  • It is advised that the bases be covered.

Best Marineland Aquarium Bamboo

Marineland Bamboo 3 Feet

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Marineland's Bamboo for Aquariums is the best artificial plant on the market. This bundle consists of a single component with five individual fake bamboo stalks linked to the same bottom.

Even though the largest bamboo in this set is just 36 inches long, it comes with numerous lengths of bamboo to make the pattern look more realistic.

You may either bury the weighted base of this artificial plant in the substrate, or you can remove it and let the bamboo float freely in the aquarium.

The long, swaying pieces of bamboo work with the tank’s current to provide a safe haven for timid fish and fry. Long-finned fish like fancy goldfish and bettas can feel at ease with this product since the leaves and stems are constructed of soft plastic with no sharp edges.

Burial of the base is recommended if you wish to utilize this artificial plant with its connected base.


  • A total of five stalks are included in each package.
  • The tops of the plants may be taken from their roots and floated.
  • A length of 36 inches
  • A safe haven for aquatic and invertebrate life
  • Normal Physiological Functioning


  • It’s suggested the base be buried.
  • One base per pack maximum

Easy-to-Assemble biOrb Planter Kits

biOrb Easy Plant Pack

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There are two different kinds of biOrb Easy Plant Sets available. The two-plant sets are perfect for couples, while the three-plant and four-plant sets may be used together or separately.

There are nine different variants of the two-piece sets, and three different options for the multi-piece sets. The most expensive thing on the list are the sets that consist of many pieces.

These artificial flowers and trees may seem anything from highly realistic to fun and vivid. The plants’ circular bases make them stable and less likely to topple over.

The bases, which are disguised as planters, have little, realistic-looking synthetic plant material protruding from the ground around the lower stem of the plant.

You may purchase plastic leaves or silk leaves in a faux plant pack, whatever works best for your aquarium. Fish and young aquatic animals can safely hide amongst these plants.

These artificial flowers and plants are permanently attached to their stands and will not float if removed. The spherical bottoms may appear out of place or unnatural in a conventional tank, but they were designed for the sleek biOrb items.


  • In two different pack sizes
  • Numerous choices available in both package sizes
  • Stable footings
  • Apparent realism
  • A safe haven for aquatic and invertebrate life


  • Not detachable from its foundation
  • In non-biOrb aquariums, the fish may appear strange.
  • The most expensive thing analyzed here is the bulk purchase.

Marine Plastic Plant, CNZ Aquarium, Green, Lifelike

CNZ® Aquarium Fish Tank

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There is a 10-inch and 13-inch version of the CNZ Aquarium Green Lifelike Underwater Plastic Plant . The two distinct plants that offer varying heights are a welcome addition to the garden.

These artificial plants have ceramic bases that help to keep them stable. This is a great choice for bare bottom tanks because the base is designed to be visible and comes with plastic roots already attached.

The leaves are plastic and the stems are wired so that they may be positioned. The artificial yet lifelike vegetation seen here is predominately green.

These plants are a great choice for aquariums of 20 gallons or more because to their height and breadth, but they may be too enormous for smaller tanks.

These should be examined carefully before use, since they have been known to arrive with metal wire ends sticking out of unexpected places. If left unprotected, these points might rust or cause harm to fish.


  • You may choose between two sizes and two flavors.
  • Roots made of plastic anchored on a ceramic base.
  • The use of metal wire makes it possible to set
  • Soft plastic describes leaves.
  • Created to appear genuine


  • Recommended for tanks of 20 gallons or more
  • All metal wires need to be carefully inspected.
  • Exposed metal wires can rust and cause harm to fish.

The COMSUN Fake Aquarium Plants

COMSUN 10 Pack Artificial Aquarium Plants

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Ten artificial plants, each measuring between 4.4 and 4.5 inches in height, are included in the COMSUN Artificial Aquarium Plants set . These flowers are available in a rainbow of solid and patterned colorways.

These artificial plants have ceramic stands that mimic the appearance of rocks and serve to anchor them to the ground. The leaves are easily removable from the stems but the stems themselves cannot be detached from the base.

These plants come in a wide spectrum of hues, providing both realistic and whimsical design possibilities. These leaves are constructed of a soft plastic that is safe for fish.

Due of the random nature of the color combinations in each pack, the artificial plants you get may not look exactly like the ones displayed.

These plants are a great choice for smaller tanks due to their compact nature, but they won’t thrive in aquariums larger than 10 gallons.


  • Every package contains 10 individual plants.
  • Sturdy ceramic bases with a rock-like appearance
  • The leaves are detachable from the stalks for simple maintenance.
  • Contrasting hues and patterns
  • Fish should be safe from soft plastic leaves.


  • A chance exists that you won’t get the shown color selections.
  • Inadequate for any container larger than a 10 gallon tank.
  • Constraints on removal from base

Aquarium Plants Artificial MyLifeUNIT

MyLifeUNIT Artificial Aquarium Plants

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There is a variety of options available in the MyLifeUNIT Artificial Aquariums Plants , with heights between 3.9 and 12.6 inches. Every bundle contains seven unique plants in a rainbow of colors and patterns.

The PVC plastic leaves of these plants are pliable and should not cause any harm to the long-finned fish that frequent this area.

The bases, which are included in the package, may be taken apart from the stems for simple cleaning. With these plants, you may get a more organic appearance thanks to the wide variety of included foundation colors and styles.

Dwarf shrimp and other invertebrates thrive in an environment with short, dense plants, whereas fish like tetras benefit from the privacy provided by taller vegetation.

If the plants arrive distorted from shipment, try soaking them in hot water and reshaping them. These plants may be too tall or full for tanks of less than 10 gallons, and they may be easily pushed over.


  • There is a wide range of heights within each set.
  • Each bundle contains seven plants of varying colors and patterns.
  • Wet leaves
  • Clean the bases without taking them apart from the stems.


  • May suffer from deformation while in transit
  • Easily topples over
  • This is a tank that most tanks can’t handle. a volume between 10 and 20 gallons

Aquarium Plastic Pink Orchid Plant, Marina Betta

Marina Betta Pink Orchid Aquarium Plastic Plant

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If you’re on a tight budget but still want a nice-looking plastic plant for your aquarium, the Marina Betta Pink Orchid is a great option. It has a meager 3.6-inch height and comes in only one size and color.

This plant has a suction cup attached to the bottom, which is concealed by a hollow rock-like base. Because of this, it may be fastened to just about any smooth, flat surface.

The artificial blooms on this plant are a delicate pink, and they are designed to resist fading. Flowers on this artificial plant feature rounded petals rather than sharp edges, making it suitable for bettas and other long-finned fish.

In this plant, you get what you see, and that’s it. At close range, you can see plastic bits and connections on the lower stems, while the base of the plant has artificial roots. This plant is suitable for nano tanks only due to its tiny size.


  • Suction cup is concealed in the hollow of the base.
  • Because of special processing, colors are designed to last.
  • No jagged edges


  • One and only color and size selection
  • Contains a Discernible Amount of Plastic Parts
  • Smaller than most tanks

Plant with Sun-Grown, Synthetic Leaves

SunGrow 10

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The largest size and color variation of the SunGrow Plastic Leaf Plant is a height of 10 inches. The majority of this plant is green, and it has five individual plants linked to a single base.

Silk covers the leaves of this false plant, however the stems and veins are made of sharp plastic and might potentially cause injury to fins.

Although there are some blatant plastic connections in the stems, the leaves of this plant are realistically formed and presented. This plant has a flat bottom so it can stand on its own, even when it’s not in water.

Algae can multiply rapidly on the leaves and be difficult, if not impossible, to remove altogether. Although it is recommended for aquariums of less than 20 gallons, this plant may be used in aquariums of any size provided that it is complemented by other plants.


  • Small in stature, measuring only 10 inches
  • There are five plants total, and they are all rooted in one place.
  • The leaves are realistic and velvety.
  • The plant’s base is designed to keep it standing firmly, even when it’s dry.


  • One and only color and size selection
  • Plastic protrusions
  • There are few places where plastic parts are clearly joined
  • Algae growth is common on silk leaves, and they are notoriously difficult to maintain.

Plants for Aquariums, Penn-Plax Betta Tri-Color

Penn-Plax Aqua-Plant Natural Betta Plants

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Six 4-inch-tall plants make up a set of Penn-Plax Betta Multi-Color Aquarium Plants . There are just three plant kinds available, and each box contains two of those varieties.

These plants feature colorful leaves and stalks and rest on fake rock bases. The plants you receive will be orange, pink, blue, or purple in color, however you may not get the exact three kinds displayed.

These are designed for betta fish, so even though they are plastic, they shouldn’t harm their long fins.

There are less realistic appearing things on this list, and these are among them. Because of their limited height, they are best suited for nano and tiny tanks.


  • Each set contains six individual plants.
  • Stabilizing artificial rock pedestals
  • The lengthy fins shouldn’t be harmed.


  • One of the least likely outcomes
  • Useful for nano and tiny aquariums
  • There are just three distinct flavors in each 6-pack.
  • Item(s) Shown May Not Be What You Get

How to Find and Buy the Finest Fake Aquarium Plants


  • What is the dimensions of your tank and how much room will you be trying to fill with artificial vegetation? Your aquarium’s aesthetics and functionality will determine the size of the artificial plants you select. Cleaning will increase proportionally with the number of plants in your aquarium, but the end result will be a more vibrant and alive display.
  • If you have fish or invertebrates that may be hurt by sharp edges or that could try to tear up or consume the artificial plants, you may want to be careful in your selection. Fish with long fins or no scales are more at risk of harm from ornaments in an aquarium.
  • What are you looking for in terms of aesthetics with your aquarium? Aquarium plant replicas may be found in a dizzying diversity of hues, sizes, and shapes. There are some that seem like actual plants and others that are more cartoonish or infantile. It’s important that the aquarium’s aesthetic tastes match the plants you chose.

Artificial Aquarium Plants Come in a Variety of Forms:

  • Each aquarium has its own unique style, and there are many different directions you may go when designing your aquarium’s decor. Many artificial aquarium plants closely resemble their natural counterparts or are models of such, but some are whimsical and exaggerated. Fake aquarium plants may be found in each hue of the rainbow, and some even provide a touch of humor with their bright patterns or exaggerated shapes.
  • Comparing plastic and silk leaves, the latter floats more naturally in the water and so gives off a more lifelike impression. Silk leaves are extremely difficult to clean and tend to retain stains. Although poorly manufactured plastic leaves will immediately be noticeable as fakes, a well-crafted plastic leaf may mislead even the most observant of nature’s wonders. They are simple to maintain and seem to last forever. When deciding between silk and plastic leaves, it’s important to keep in mind that certain plastic leaves have sharp edges that might harm fish fins.
  • The tank’s height and the desired aesthetic both have a role in determining whether you should get tall or short plants. Shrimp and other tiny invertebrates can find refuge in the dense foliage of artificial grass-like plants, while taller plants can provide visual interest to the water and prevent your fish from becoming bored. The protection offered by certain plants with greater height can even encourage reproduction.
  • If your tank is long and skinny, you may want to fill it up with plants that are similarly proportioned in height and width. Many aquariums are wider than they are deep, so they work well with plants that are shorter but bushier. A fake plant that is 36 inches tall would not work so well in a tank that is just 18 inches tall.
  • The majority of artificial plants come with weighted bases to keep them from moving around in the tank, but some people like the look of floating plants and certain fish really prefer them. Fake plants designed to float or with removable bases can be found at specialty retailers.
  • Not all synthetic potted plants are created equal in terms of their foundation, which can either be hidden or left in plain sight. Not all bases are designed to be on display; several are constructed to be hidden beneath the substrate, and resemble neither rocks nor roots. Bare-bottom aquariums benefit more from bases that are designed to be on display than from those intended for submergence.


Do you think these reviews are helpful in guiding you to the best artificial plants for your aquarium? Many alternatives exist for you to consider.

All in all, Otterly Pets Bonsai  is the best choice because of its high quality and fresh, attractive design. Consider the GloFish Plastic Aquarium Plant  if you are looking for the best deal.

It’s cheap and comes in a variety of styles, so you can afford to buy multiples. You can’t go wrong with Marineland Bamboo for Aquariums  if you are looking for a high-quality artificial plant.

It looks natural, can float or be planted, and provides excellent protection for fish and insects.

By using artificial plants, you can have a beautiful aquarium without spending a lot of money or effort on maintenance. No one will be sadder to see your newly planted aquarium — you and your fish included — and you won’t even have to reveal the secret that the plants are artificial.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that you can find the best artificial aquarium plants for your aquarium here.

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