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10 Best Aquarium Heaters – Reviews & Top Picks

If your fish thrive in warm water, you'll want to make sure you have a reliable aquarium heater that can meet their needs.

There is no shortage of these tanks on the market, but how reliable are they?

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) conducted an investigation to solve your problem.

Excited to share our findings, we've picked out the best aquarium heaters on the market. See what others have to say about this product.

How to Choose the Right Aquarium Heaters (A Buyer's Guide)

For the health and longevity of your tank, you need a heater that will be trustworthy at all times. Once glitch might have fatal implications in some circumstances. So, here are some feature elements to consider.


Depending on your aquarium size, you will require a certain sort of wattage. Typically, these wattage kinds run from 10 to 200 W, which is mostly dependant on the size of your entire aquarium and not necessarily the heat production.

We need to make sure that you choose an aquarium heater that is sufficient to heat the complete tank without reducing the temperature.


Buying an aquarium heater that doesn’t perform correctly will be a literal nightmare. Depending on how sensitive the fish are to their surroundings, you can lose a whole fish tank if the heater malfunctions.


Most of the aquarium heaters you may find on the market are entirely submersible, but not all. If you have a preference, it’s vital to read the product description to verify you’re getting precisely what you need. It typically is in the product description, but occasionally you have to look in the specs to be able to know for sure.


Certain aspects make heaters more appealing, such well-made heater cores and robust outside materials meant to last. Be careful to verify all the characteristics of your particular favorite before purchase.

Some alternatives incorporate LED lights to show the temperature or shatterproof shell for improved comfort and safety—the list goes on. You only have to choose a product with the finest characteristics for your setup.


The Penn Plax Cascade Heat Preset remains our top pick as it offers the best performance among aquarium heaters. Several power settings, a wide temperature range, and a long life are all benefits of this heater.

We don’t think you will have any problems with a freshwater or saltwater installation. It’s up to you to determine if it’s your top pick from our options.

Even if you’re just interested in saving money and having a modest aquarium setup, we recommend you consider the SunGrow Aquarium Heater.

Betta fish and aquatic turtles can benefit from this heater as it is designed for smaller aquariums. Under precise conditions, it performs admirably, while larger systems have no problem.

Because your needs may differ from those of BestForPets (bestforpets.org), we are unable to make specific product recommendations. According to your needs, we are sure that we have described at least one product here that may be suitable for you.

Use all of our shopping tips to be able to choose the best aquarium heaters and make sure your aquarium inhabitants are healthy and comfortable at the right temperature.


In Conclusion, the Penn Plax Cascade Heat Preset is the Best Option

  • The Penn Plax brand
  • Watts: 150, 200
  • Submergibility: Submersible

The Penn Plax Cascade Heat Preset is the most well-rounded and effective aquarium heater available.
We believe that you may find yourself agreeing with us. You may choose between either 150 or 200 watts, depending on the size of your aquarium. Despite its limitations, it can be used in most configurations.

This ingenious device keeps your aquarium at an accurate temperature of plus or minus 1 degree. You can trust it to maintain the ideal water temperature for your fish at all times.

The aquarium heater may be controlled in a wide variety of ways. You may safely set it to whatever temperature you choose. However, the factory default setting is 76 degrees Fahrenheit, so you’ll need to adjust it as necessary for the aquatic species you maintain.

The water heater may be submerged to any depth and works in both fresh and salt water systems. It has two suction cups, allowing you to stick it to any smooth surface. Both the vertical and horizontal orientations work.

However, there are no low-wattage variations, thus it won’t work with smaller tanks.


  • To the depths of the sea, and beyond
  • Absolute regulation of heat and cold
  • Interacting well with both saltwater and freshwater


  • There are no low-powered alternatives


The Sungrow Aquarium Heater Is Without a Doubt the Finest Available Today

  • Brand SunGrow
  • Watts 10
  • Submergibility
  • Submersible

The SunGrow Aquarium Heater is a great choice if you’re a bargain shopper who’s always on the lookout for a good offer. Although it is the most affordable aquarium heater, its tiny size and limited compatibility make it the best option in some situations.

This aquarium heater is designed for tiny aquariums only and will not work with larger tanks. It’s ideal for betta fish, who thrive in tropical conditions, thus it maintains a constant, comfortable temperature. In addition, it works wonderfully with the little turtles that enjoy warm baths.

The temperature range is narrow, and it may only be used in rooms between 68 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a default setting of 75 degrees Fahrenheit but may be tweaked somewhat after installation.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to keep this aquarium heater away from vents and other drafty locations and how inappropriate it is for houses below the temperatures we indicated.

The resources presented here were fantastic. It’s constructed from strong polymer and plastic, so it can take a bath without breaking.


  • Perfect for bettas.
  • Excellent for nano tanks
  • Sturdy construction


  • Not for use with containers larger than 10 gallons


The Cobalt Aquatics Electric Neo Is the Best Option for Any Aquarium

  • The Cobalt Aquatics Brand
  • Watts: 25, 50, 75, 100
  • Submergibility: Submersible

It’s possible that the Cobalt Aquatics Electric Neo Heater is a bit pricy, but it might be the perfect solution for your needs. Even if you don’t believe you can afford it right now, you should definitely keep reading since it has some amazing benefits that are worth your time and consideration. Let us explain.

Completely submersible, this electric aquarium heater boasts a variety of useful functions. It may be used in aquariums of any kind, from fresh to salt, and even in terrariums. As a result, if you decide to change interests, you won’t be tied down to keeping it in a particular tank.

It provides a highly accurate readout within a wide margin of error.

The accuracy is within 5 degrees, which is quite good. We particularly like the safety feature that turns it off if the tank gets too hot. To us, it is of the highest significance that marine life be safeguarded in this way.

This thermostat is fantastic, and we can’t stop praising it. It functioned as advertised and met all of my expectations. The thermostat’s shell is shatterproof to ensure long life, and an LED illumination system ensures precise readings every time.

However, its price tag is more than that of the average thermometer. You, the reader, must evaluate if the extra cost is justified by the benefits you expect to get in your particular circumstances.


  • Power off switch
  • Accuracy within 5 degrees
  • Usable in a wide range of configurations


  • Pricey


Heater Quartz Glass Preset Lifegard

  • Brand: Lifegard
  • Watts: 25, 50, 100, 200
  • Submergibility: Submersible

The Lifegard Preset Quartz Glass Heater won our hearts due to its effectiveness. This aquarium heater keeps the water in your tank at a constant 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

It maintains a constant temperature unlike other possibilities. It may not be what you’re searching for, but it may be perfect for your tropical aquarium.

A built-in temperature gauge can tell if the heating mechanism is getting too hot. In order to protect your fish and other aquatic life from harm, it will turn off immediately if it detects a rise in temperature.

Suction cups and mounting brackets are included to ensure a smooth installation. We like that it may be used in a variety of settings, since its compact size makes it easy to transport and store. These extras are great for securing the heater in place and are simple to install.

You may get them with anything from 20 watts of power up to 200 watts of power, making them suitable for a wide variety of applications.


  • The package includes a number of helpful extras
  • Temperature sensor for ambient heat monitoring
  • Ability to fit in a variety of environments


  • Just one degree


A Thermostat for an Eheim Jager Aquarium


  • Product Line: Eheim Jager
  • Watts: 50, 75
  • Submergibility: Submersible

We really appreciate the versatility of the Eheim Jager Aquarium Thermostat Heater. This thermostat heater’s adjustable temperature setting makes it useful in a broad variety of settings.

The temperature range is from a cool 64 degrees up to a scorching 95 degrees.

All the essentials for an aquarium heater are included in this model. It is entirely submersible, constructed from non-hazardous materials, and equipped with an emergency shutdown in the event of an emergency.

Recalibration is simple since you may choose any temperature within a range of 35 degrees.

The temperature seems to be little unpredictable at times, as we have noted. Therefore, we do not advise this choice for fish with a high level of sensitivity.


  • Superb Variability
  • All the bases are covered.
  • Adjustable with little effort


  • A little bit contradictory

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