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The 19 Best Applaws Cat Foods

Applaws pet food is one of several brands to choose when looking for the ideal balance of flavor and nutrition.

Applaws mostly produces wet cat food, with some dry food. The majority of cat owners like its moist cat food, but is any of it worth the hype?

Let's look at the most important information regarding Applaws and the most popular recipes available right now in this best Applaws cat foods below from BestForPets (bestforpets.org).


Applaws Tuna Fillet With Pacific Prawn 100% Natural Wet Cat Food

Applaws’ Tuna Fillet With Pacific Prawn is a popular wet cat food option for cats who enjoy the taste of the sea. This recipe for cat food contains 75% tuna fillet and prawn.

These components provide a high overall protein level as well as natural sources of taurine, which benefits your cat’s overall health, including its vision and cardiovascular system.

There are only three ingredients in total, including rice to thicken. The price may also put this dish out of reach for those looking for a more affordable option.


  • Natural substances are employed in the manufacturing process.
  • Cats with allergies have a limited amount of components.
  • Taurine is included for proper development.


  • One of the key ingredients is rice.


Applaws Chicken Breast and Pumpkin in Broth, 100% Natural Wet Cat Food

One of Applaws’ most popular recipes is one that involves chicken breast and pumpkin in a broth for wet food.

Surprisingly, pumpkin is beneficial to cats, according to some cat owners. It is high in fiber, making it an excellent element for your cat’s digestive tract.

Because fiber absorbs stomach acid and excess water, it helps to avoid constipation and can even stop diarrhea. It also helps swallowed fur go through the cat’s system rather than piling up and causing problems.

Aside from pumpkin, the other main component is chicken, which offers protein in the dish. Chicken accounts for half of the diet and supplies 10.5% of the crude protein.

The pumpkin makes up 25% of the recipe, with the balance made up of chicken broth and rice. Unfortunately, the addition of rice is the only element that reduces the food’s species suitability.


  • The mixture contains only natural components.
  • Cats with allergies benefit from a limited number of substances.
  • Pumpkin is a good digestive supplement for cats.


  • It contains rice, which adds extra starch.


Chicken Applaws Complete Natural and Grain-Free Dry Adult Cat Food

This is a dry food option from Applaws. It includes chicken as the primary protein source. It is similar to how Applaws creates wet food in that no additives or preservatives are added to the mix.

The dry food has everything your cat requires to keep healthy. Overall, this meal is low in carbs, making it suitable for cats.

This dry food contains more ingredients than wet food, which is a common feature of most companies that produce both types of food.

The first ingredient is dry chicken meal, which accounts for 65% of the diet. It contains vitamins and minerals, which aren’t specific enough for many cat owners.

The diet also contains a lot of taurine, which promotes healthy growth and development.

The kibble is grain-free and contains substances with pre-biotic and pro-biotic properties to aid in the formation of a healthy immune system.


  • The first and second components are chicken.
  • There are no additives or preservatives.
  • A species-appropriate combination of what a healthy cat need


  • Unidentified vitamins and minerals have been added.


Tuna Fillet Applaws in Broth

The predominant protein source in this wet cat chow appears to be tuna.

This canned dish has tuna in broth with a hint of rice. That’s all. There are no additional additives, oils, or tastes added to the dish.

Though it appears to be a meat-centric meal and the pinnacle of feline nutrition at first glance, the third and last ingredient has a significant impact.

The carbohydrate content of this item looks to be roughly 14% on a dry matter basis. This food has a high protein content, a low fat level, and a moderate carbohydrate content.

Rice seems out of place in a dish with only three components that prides itself on simplicity. This diet is species-inappropriate because of its high carbohydrate content.


  • A straightforward recipe suitable for cats with food sensitivities and allergies.
  • Free of low-value meat byproducts and meals
  • Made primarily from animal protein
  • Contains no potentially irritating ingredients.


  • Rice is high in carbohydrates.
  • Only supplemental feeding is advised.


Tuna & Sardine Mousse Applaws

The predominant protein source in this wet cat chow appears to be tuna.

The major ingredient in this mousse-style dish is puréed tuna. The tuna is combined with sardines, which are likewise broken down into “visible specks,” according to Applaws.

A combination of carrageenan and locust bean gum holds everything together. These are both plant-based gums that serve to thicken and stabilize food.

While locust bean gum looks to be harmless, carrageenan has a long history of triggering or exacerbating inflammation.

It isn’t always bad, but the possibility of harm makes it a substance we’d rather avoid. This dry meal has a high protein concentration, a low fat content, and a moderate carbohydrate content.

Remember that, like other Applaws meals, this is not a comprehensive nutritional diet.

Even if it were, the usage of carrageenan and the exceptionally low fat level of this cuisine may repel some purchasers.


  • Made primarily of tuna and sardine, which are relatively healthy protein sources for cats.
  • There are no low-value animal byproducts or generically labeled fish in this offering.
  • Cats appear to enjoy the flavor of this food.
  • Carbohydrate content is low.
  • Artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives are not used.


  • Carrageenan, a potentially hazardous thickening agent, is present.


Dry Cat Food APPLAWS Ocean Fish Recipe

  • Food Type: Dry
  • Whitefish, Whitefish Meal, Peas, Lentils, and Chicken Fat are the first five ingredients.
  • Guaranteed Analysis: 32% protein minimum, 16% fat minimum, 5.5% fiber maximum, and 9% moisture maximum.
  • Calories in one cup: 418 kcal/cup
  • Price per pound/ounce: $2.25

The Applaws brand is adamant about using animal protein as the base for their recipes, and the ocean fish recipe dry cat food is no exception.

The first two ingredients are whitefish and menhaden fish meal, with fresh salmon, whitefish meal, and salmon meal providing additional protein.

The key carbs in this grain-free recipe are pea flour, chickpeas, and lentils, all of which are digestible by cats.

The only issue is that the pea flour has already been dried, so the concentration may be quite high. Having said that, there appears to be enough of animal protein.

This recipe includes salmon oil as the main source of fat, as well as a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables as natural sources of vital nutrients.

Applaws cat food appears to be made with high-quality, natural ingredients, however this dry food mix contains synthetic additions.

However, it is encouraging to note that the minerals have been chelated, which aids in nutrient absorption and utilization.


Succulent Tuna Filet with Crab Cat Pots from APPLAWS

  • Food Type: Wet
  • Tuna, fish broth, crab, and rice are the first five ingredients.
  • 11% protein minimum, 1% fat minimum, 0.5% fiber maximum, 84% moisture maximum
  • Calories per cup: 529 calories per kilogram, 32 calories per pot
  • Price per pound/ounce: $0.86

This Applaws Succulent Tuna Filet with Crab from the cat pots range is an excellent choice if you’re searching for a delectable meal topper to add to your cat’s protein or moisture intake.

Just keep in mind that this food is only intended for sporadic feeding and not as a staple diet. This recipe contains only four ingredients: tuna, fish broth, crab, and rice.

This recipe, made with actual, fresh tuna and savory fish broth, is sure to please your cat. It also does not contain any artificial ingredients. In reality, no additives are present.

Nothing except fish, soup, crab, and rice. Applaws cat pots are also designed for easy serving – simply open the lid and serve.


Canned Cat Food Applaws Chicken Breast

  • Food Type: Wet
  • Chicken breast, chicken broth, rice are the first five ingredients.
  • 15% protein minimum, 0.5% fat minimum, 1% fiber maximum, 82% moisture maximum
  • Caloric Content: 529 kilocalories per kilogram, 37 kilocalories per can
  • Price per pound/ounce: $0.46

This Applaws Chicken Breast in Broth Canned Food is made with only three ingredients: chicken breast, chicken broth, and rice.

This recipe, like the previous two, is strictly for supplemental feeding.

It’s an excellent choice if you want to increase your cat’s hydration intake or add a little more protein to his diet without adding extra carbs.

This formula, like all Applaws recipes, contains no artificial additions or hidden ingredients. They only utilize high-quality beef protein in this recipe, which is also a good source of taurine.


APPLAWS Tuna Cat Pouches with Whole Anchovy and Seaweed

  • Food Type: Wet
  • Tuna Wholemeat, Fish Broth, Anchovy, and Seaweed are the first five ingredients.
  • Guaranteed Analysis: 20% minimum protein, 1% fat minimum, 1% fiber maximum, 77% moisture maximum
  • Caloric content: 700 kilocalories per kilogram, 70 kilocalories per pouch
  • Price per pound/ounce: $0.84

Because some cats simply cannot get enough tuna, this Applaws Tuna with Whole Anchovy and Seaweed Cat Pouches recipe is an excellent addition to any meal.

This recipe includes actual whole meat tuna in a delicious fish broth with anchovies and seaweed.

This dish contains only four simple ingredients and is extremely low in carbohydrates and free of artificial additives.

Applaws Cat Pouches, such as this tuna and anchovy taste, work well as a delightful meal topper or a way to increase your cat’s protein intake.

Applaws Cat Food Evaluation

Applaws is manufactured by whom and where?

Applaws is a personal brand that began in the United Kingdom in 2006. It began to establish itself as a “high grade” brand on specialty retail shelves. It advertised itself as being 100% natural and made from ethically sourced components.

Applaws is now a well-known brand in most of Western Europe, Australia, and North America. Its ingredients are sourced from all over the world, which is never a good sign of food quality.

The majority of its suppliers must follow international safety and husbandry standards.

It demands that its suppliers be members of at least one of the following organizations:

  • Council for Marine Stewardship
  • Earth Island Institute (EII)
  • ISSF stands for International Seafood Sustainability Foundation.
  • TTIA stands for Thai Tuna Industry Association.

Applaws are most suited to which types of cats?

Applaws primarily produces cat food. Its food is primarily intended for adult cats who do not have significant health difficulties or dietary sensitivities.

Still claim that Applaws cat food is more species-appropriate than many other brands on the market, yet there are some areas that may be improved.

Primary Ingredients Discussion (Good and Bad)

Absence of Animal By-Products

The ingredients that Applaws does not utilize are the most prominent characteristics of its recipes.

Applaws contains no animal by-products and only uses the valuable sections of animals that have been shown to have the highest nutrients and protein.

It does not only exclude animal byproducts, but it also avoids other artificial substances.

It does not include vitamins, minerals, or additional amino acids, which may seem healthy for your cat but add needless and artificial substances to the diet.

Carrageenan and rice

Many of the ingredients included in the company’s recipes are thought important for a cat’s health. Cats don’t require a lot of food to keep them satiated and their systems running smoothly.

Applaws appears to need to employ a thickening in some of the food. This is done in many of the company’s wet food items, which make up the majority of its recipes.

Some of these include rice as a thickening, which adds huge amounts of starch that are completely unneeded for a cat. It becomes less of a species-appropriate option as a result.

Carrageenan and locust bean gum are two more thickening agents used. Both are derived from plants and are completely superfluous for a cat.

However, locust bean gum has been studied and appears to be completely safe for cats.

Carrageenan, on the other hand, has a lengthy history and a bad reputation for being the source of or contributing to inflammation. It is not always dangerous, but it can be.

A small number of ingredients

Not all pet foods are known for what they do have, but rather for what they don’t. Applaws makes an effort to use a small number of ingredients in all of its recipe alternatives.

This keeps them safer for a cat’s system. It excludes several of the components that are known to contribute to weight gain.

For cats with allergies, recipes with a limited number of ingredients are recommended.

With fewer ingredients, the recipe just contains what kids require and maintains their diet free of potentially harmful components.

Applaws Cat Food: A Quick Look


  • Choices that are really appealing
  • There are no artificial additives, preservatives, or colors.
  • Excludes animal byproducts
  • The grain-free recipe makes it suitable for the majority of cats.
  • Recipes with less ingredients are safer for allergic cats.


  • This is not a cheap alternative.
  • Most wet food alternatives contain some form of thickening.

History of Recalls

Applaws has not appear to have had to recall their meals since its inception in 2006.

What Other Users Have to Say

“…Applaws cat food is generally safer and better than most other brands…” Due of the cost, you can try combining dry and wet cat food with additional homemade food.”

All About Cats — “Applaws offers a diverse range of wet foods in a variety of textures and flavors that cats adore.” Applaws wet foods are too pricey and nutritionally deficient to be a realistic option on their own for a long-term diet, even though they make cat-approved treats or once-a-week meals.”

Amazon – Amazon has grown into one of the world’s largest resale enterprises, with a comprehensive rating system that outperforms most others on the internet. It’s a great way for pet owners to find out what other people think about Applaws cat meals. Check out these Amazon customer reviews.


To summarize, Applaws cat food is one of the better solutions on the market for cats who are sensitive to several of the substances included in conventional brands.

After doing a lot of research and testing, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has found that Applaws Tuna Fillet With Pacific Prawn 100% Natural Wet Cat Food and Succulent Tuna Filet with Crab Cat Pots from APPLAWS are the most important and reliable items in the best Applaws cat foods.

However, because there are so few ingredients, it must be complemented with handmade materials or other brands to be complete.

Furthermore, it is not a particularly rewarding budget-friendly option.


How Much Is Applaws Cat Food?

While Applaws dry food is reasonably priced—you’ll spend approximately $0.50 per day to feed a 10-pound cat—their wet food is not.

Applaws is roughly $0.78 per ounce, which is twice the price of a comparable meal from Tiki Cat or Weruva, two of the most costly brands on the market.

If that sounds expensive, keep in mind that Applaws food isn’t a comprehensive nutritional diet. You’re paying pet store dollars for something that’s no more cat-specific than an 80-cent can of tuna from the supermarket.

Is Applaws a Good Option Overall?

Applaws cat food is an intriguing choice.

In addition to a limited selection of dry foods, Applaws offers a wide range of wet foods in textures and flavors that cats adore.

Though they make delicious, cat-approved treats or once-weekly dinners, Applaws wet foods are both too pricey and nutritionally insufficient to be a long-term diet alternative.

And what about their dry foods? Applaws dry food may be a suitable choice for certain cats, but it doesn’t stand out when compared to other feeds in the same category.

Applaws dry food is worth a try if you like kibble, but it doesn’t come with an enthusiastic recommendation.

Where Can I Get Applaws Cat Food?

Applaws cat food can be found at pet stores throughout the United States, England, Italy, France, Spain, and Australia. Find an Applaws retailer near you by clicking here.

If you prefer to shop online, you can find Applaws on Amazon, Chewy, Petco.com, PetSmart.com, PetFlow, and other websites.

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