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The 8 Best Anti-Chew Dog Muzzles

Muzzles are a common and highly efficient means of preventing undesirable behavior. Some people feel that muzzles are harsh or should only be used on violent dogs, however this is not true! A muzzle can prevent your dog from eating foreign things, barking, and biting, among other undesirable behaviors.

Obviously, not every muzzle is constructed to the same quality. Some may be effective for one dog but ineffective for another. Due to this, selecting the ideal muzzle for your dog might need a considerable amount of trial and error.

If you're wanting to add a high-quality muzzle to your arsenal of dog-care tools, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled evaluations of the best anti-chew dog muzzles. With our assistance, you and Fido will enjoy more peace of mind on walks, at the veterinarian, and beyond.


Canine Friendly Snout Dog Muzzle

If you’re seeking to purchase an anti-chew muzzle for your dog, the Canine Friendly Snout Dog Muzzle is our top recommendation. For ultimate comfort, this muzzle is made from sturdy nylon and breathable mesh. It is available in four sizes, ranging from 9 to 25 inches in circumference, and in two colors.

This muzzle’s inside contains soft bumpers around the edge to prevent the nylon or mesh from rubbing against your dog’s face. The straps are adjustable with a slider, and the entire muzzle may be removed with a side-mounted quick-release buckle.

Although this muzzle is available in a variety of sizes, several owners stated that it did not fit their dogs adequately. Numerous canines can escape this muzzle with no difficulty.


  • Durable and permeable structure
  • Multiple sizes and colors are available
  • Slider adjustment and quick-release buckle
  • Padded and protective bumpers


  • It is simple for some dogs to escape.


Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

The Baskerville Ultra Muzzle is the greatest anti-chew dog muzzle for the money, regardless of your budget or experience with muzzles. This muzzle contains a snout-encircling cage that can be heated and reshaped for a unique fit. It is available in two basic colors and six sizes suitable for dogs ranging from Border Terrier to Great Dane.

With this muzzle’s open shape, most dogs may continue to pant, eat, and drink without pain. The adjustable straps are padded on the inside to minimize chafing against your dog’s skin and have sliders for easy adjustment.

Although this muzzle provides some additional protection for aggressive dogs, the wide holes will not prevent all canines from biting through it. Some owners also stated that the muzzle caused skin irritation on their dogs.


  • Tailored fit
  • Still, dogs can pant, eat, and drink.
  • Padded, adjustable shoulder straps
  • Wide size availability


  • Not guaranteed to discourage biting
  • This may result in chafing


Basket CollarDirect Dog Muzzle

Finding a decent muzzle for a breed with a flat face is difficult, especially if you’re seeking a premium choice. The Basket Dog Muzzle from CollarDirect is created exclusively for Boxers, English Bulldogs, and American Bulldogs for a secure and comfortable fit. This muzzle has a circumference of 13 inches and a length of 3 inches and is available in either black or brown.

The real leather structure is soft, resilient, and comfortable for your dog’s skin. The polished hardware provides a sense of elegance. The adjustable buckles on the top and sides of this muzzle allow for a more tailored fit. This airflow-optimized muzzle is excellent for walks, vet appointments, and more.

While this muzzle is created for bulldog breeds, not all dogs have identical nose shapes and proportions, even within the same species. According to several owners, this muzzle did not fit their dog at all. Additionally, the leather was thinner than planned.


  • Specifically designed for Bulldogs and Boxers
  • Made from genuine leather
  • Buckles that are adjustable on the top and sides
  • Offers consistent airflow


  • Only for dogs with flat faces
  • Not suitable for all Bulldogs or Boxers
  • Leather is more fragile and thinner than anticipated.


CooZero Dog Muzzles Suit

The CooZero Dog Muzzles Suit consists of seven different fabric muzzles to accommodate a variety of dog breeds. This kit is a wonderful alternative for dog groomers, dog walkers, and puppy parents. This set accommodates snout circumferences ranging from 5 to 9 inches.

The Oxford fabric is airy and comfy around your dog’s muzzle. Maximum security and comfort are provided by the adjustable strap, which conforms to your dog’s head for a bespoke fit. This dog muzzle is made from durable, eco-friendly materials that are simple to clean.

Due to the single head strap on this muzzle, it is not as secure as other versions. Despite the variety of available sizes, several dog owners stated that none of the available muzzles suited their pets well. The material will not withstand large or powerful dogs.


  • Includes seven different muzzles
  • Convenient fabric construction
  • Adjustable head harness


  • Not very reliable
  • The fabric tears quickly
  • Does not guarantee a perfect fit


Gentle GoodBoy Muzzle Guard

Consider testing the GoodBoy Gentle Muzzle Guard before committing to a conventional muzzle if you’re hesitant about the decision. This muzzle has a comfy, one-of-a-kind design that wraps around your dog’s snout rather than completely concealing it. It is available in four sizes and two colors, accommodating snout circumferences ranging from 7 to 17 inches.

Although this muzzle does not cover the full nose, it can prevent undesirable behaviors like as ingesting strange things and biting. However, your dog will be able to consume water, breathe, and pant securely. The padded shoulder strap prevents chafing. This muzzle may be attached to your dog’s collar for a more secure fit.

This soft muzzle may not cover the full nose, but it will not suit flat-faced breeds such as Bulldogs and Pugs. Due to the muzzle’s streamlined form, it is typically easier for dogs to escape than traditional muzzles. Additionally, this muzzle is excessively large for many smaller breeds.


  • Comfortable, anti-chafe design
  • Attaches to collar


  • Does not suit dogs with flat faces
  • Simple for canines to remove
  • Too big for some dogs
  • Weak Velcro closure


REAL PET Snout Dog Muzzle

The most crucial aspect of purchasing a muzzle for your dog is ensuring that it fits properly. REAL PET Snout Dog Muzzle is an alternative choice to consider if your dog has a flat face. This muzzle is available in four sizes to accommodate a variety of breeds, such as Shih-Tzus, Boxers, and Mastiffs. Additionally, it is available in grey or orange.

The mesh construction of this muzzle prevents your dog’s head and face from overheating. This muzzle is meant to cover the full face, yet it has eyeholes and soft padding for the dog’s comfort. The quick-release, adjustable buckle ensures a correct fit.

Although the maker claims that this muzzle will not come off quickly, several owners have reported that their dogs are able to simply escape from it. It’s vital to measure your dog’s head before placing an order, since the recommended size may vary for some breeds. Additionally, it might be difficult to do.


  • Specifically developed for dogs with flat faces
  • Ergonomic mesh construction


  • The sizes do not accommodate all flat-faced breeds.
  • Simple for certain canines to remove
  • Difficult to correctly don
  • Produces a plastic odor

Buyer's Guide

There are several reasons to purchase a premium muzzle for your dog. Whether you’re concerned about your dog’s aggressive behavior or just want to keep them from picking up strange things on walks, this multipurpose equipment should not be underestimated!

Always keep in mind that obtaining a suitable fit is an essential step in selecting the ideal muzzle for your dog. Before making a purchase, measure your dog’s head and nose according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. A muzzle that does not properly fit your dog will be both unpleasant and useless at avoiding undesirable behaviors.


Like other dog products, different muzzles serve different functions. If you want to keep your dog from chewing on objects, any of the muzzles we have reviewed will do the trick.

The Canine Friendly Snout Dog Muzzle is our top recommendation for the best anti-chew dog muzzle currently available on the market. This muzzle is made from breathable, durable materials and incorporates an adjustable buckle mechanism. For enhanced comfort, the edges are padded with soft bumpers. You may select from a variety of sizes and hues.

For dog owners on a tight budget, we recommend the Baskerville Ultra Muzzle. This muzzle may be heat-formed to suit your dog’s snout precisely. The shape of the muzzle enables your dog to continue panting, eating, and drinking water while wearing it. The straps are cushioned and adjustable to provide the optimal fit.

The CollarDirect Basket Anti-Chew Muzzle is our favorite premium anti-chew muzzle. This muzzle is ideal for flat-faced breeds that would otherwise be improperly fitted by a normal muzzle. The all-leather design is adjustable along the top and sides and provides ample ventilation while worn.

Purchasing a new dog muzzle is a highly personal endeavor. Consequently, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hope that our reviews have guided you and helped you choose the best anti-chew dog muzzles!

Have you used a dog muzzle before? What kinds of muzzles have you attempted?

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