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The 21 Best Amazon Pet Deals For Black Friday

Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up, deals on pet supplies have already started to show up.

Throughout the shopping season, we'll be keeping an eye on our favorite stores and brands to highlight savings on top-rated and adored pet supplies.

Black Friday occurs on November 25, 2022, although shops will offer rolling bargains all month. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) is highlighting the best Amazon pet deals for Black Friday and specials all season long.

These include automatic litter boxes, GPS trackers, travel carriers, poop bag dispensers (if you have a pet, you know how important it is to take care of pet waste), and more.


Engaging Brick Puzzle



Previously featured on our list of the top dog toys on Amazon, this Outward Hound interactive brick puzzle is one of the greatest pet deals on Amazon at 46% off. This puzzle, which has a virtually flawless rating on Amazon, promotes pleasant play and stimulates a dog’s hunting instincts, making it great for growing puppies. If you enjoy this, you may also enjoy these Chewy Black Friday offers for your animal companion.


Interactive Feline Toy



Amazon is replete with cat toys, but not all of them are genuinely two toys in one. This interactive cat toy contains a movable ball on a circular track for the cat to pursue, as well as a catnip-filled chamber on top for endless entertainment. This Amazon pet offer, which is now on sale for $6 off, won’t last long.


Two-Pack Pup Claw Squeaker Dog Toy



This Pup Claw squeaker toy is an innovative option for dogs that are completely obsessed with noisemakers (and owners who love a certain seltzer). At a discount of 35%, you cannot go wrong with this collection of eccentric squeakers. In addition, it is an aesthetically pleasing dog toy that will complement your interior design.


Cactus Scratching Post



Look no farther than the cactus cat scratcher for a unique take on a feline need. At 45% off, this Amazon pet bargain surely satisfies our desire to increase sales. This amusing scratcher has a chipboard base that keeps it from toppling over, as well as soft cactus arms that cats like rubbing on.


Sweet Potato Sticks



These sweet potato fries have basic ingredients, making them an ideal option for food-sensitive dogs. These sweets, currently 19% off the standard price, are produced from sweet potatoes with slight obvious flaws to avoid food waste.


Salmon-flavored treats manufactured by Purina DentaLife



Brushing a cat’s teeth is a difficult task. Fortunately, these Purina DentaLife savory salmon treats offer a delicious salmon flavor, and the porous structure helps reduce tartar accumulation. Even the most finicky cats will like these snacks. Get these for 36% off today!


Thundershirt Canine Anxiety Coat



The Thundershirt dog anxiety garment gently compresses dogs, similar to a hug, in order to promote a more tranquil response to explosions or separation anxiety. Our pet expert examined a Thundershirt, and her dog successfully through tornado season. Even better, Amazon shoppers may presently save over $13!


Individualized Pet ID Tags



Available in eight forms and nine hues, these inexpensive customized pet ID tags are presently sixty percent off! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to commemorate your pet companion and keep them secure with personalized goods.


Insulated Kong water bottle and portable bowl



Kong is a well-known brand among dog owners; the original Kong chew toy has received over 50,000 reviews on Amazon. A terrific addition to any pet’s walk is the Kong insulated water bottle and travel dish. The silicon shell insulates for a wonderfully chilled beverage on the move, plus it is presently $7 less expensive!

If your dog travels frequently, this tiny water bottle is the ideal spare to have in the car.


LED Water Features



This LED water fountain gives felines with a constant stream of filtered water and three flow settings that are more appealing to cats than still water, encouraging them to drink more frequently; it is now on sale for fifty percent off.

Check out this feature of the Veken pet fountain for a comparable alternative except the LED.


Bamboo Elevated Feeding Stand



Consider this raised bamboo feeding station as a smart addition if you’re looking for stylish household goods this season. Not only is this set beautiful, but it’s also 37% off! The raised dishes prevent pets from dragging their food over the kitchen floor, and the 15-degree tilt promotes a natural feeding posture for dogs and cats.


Oak Cat Tree



Finding a strong cat tree is challenging enough; adding design and longevity to the mix further complicates the search. This oak cat tree is now advertised for a $72 discount on Amazon, making it one of the greatest pet offers available. The natural oak cube and base provide a contemporary touch, and cats appreciate the memory foam cushion for lounging.


Waterproof Pet Blanket



Pet beds are cumbersome, particularly if you have a large-breed animal. This waterproof pet blanket may be draped over sofas, beds, or the trunk of a car to prevent the spread of smells. This waterproof blanket is machine washable for simple cleanup after mishaps and is 33% less expensive.


Pet Hair Remover Roll



Even if you brush your pet every day, hair will still stick to your clothing, furniture, and carpet. No issue if you own a Bissel pet hair eraser, as advised by our Deputy Shopping Editor, but what if you’re traveling?

Presently, this rolling pet hair remover is $15 less expensive. This tiny nylon brush removes pet hair without adhesive tape or batteries, making it suitable for travel and re-use.


Miracle Enzyme Cleaner for Pet Stain and Odor



However, accidents should not destroy your rug. This pet stain and odor enzyme cleaner is a natural cleaning that contains essential oils and no harsh chemicals, making it suitable for use around pets and children. Here are some leading pet stain removers.


Animal Air Purifier



We have already written on when to use an air purifier, and with good reason: Indoor air quality is frequently worse than expected, especially in homes with pets. This pet air purifier, which is now 46% off, is designed for pet-friendly households and has HEPA-quality filters that eliminate pet odor and dander.


Self-Emptying Shark RV1001AE IQ Robot Vacuum



The Shark RV1001AE IQ robot self-emptying vacuum is on our list of the top robot vacuums because to its app-based controls and 30-day battery life. This motorized cleaning equipment is available for $230 less than its original MSRP.


Hoover Pet Handheld Steam Mop



The Tineco iFloor 3 Vacuum Mop is a favorite of our Executive Shopping Editor, but the Hoover Complete Pet Steam Mop is a worthy competitor! This steam mop contains a portable steamer that efficiently removes stubborn pet stains. It is cheap if purchased immediately with a 37% discount!

What to expect from the best Amazon pet bargains

October has here, and Christmas markdowns are starting to appear. Even pets benefit from the seasonal discounts!

There are many specials going on right now at places like Walmart and Target, but Amazon’s pet offers allow you to acquire a new toy for your dog while they’re nestled on your lap.

Unlike in the past, when Black Friday sales were restricted to the day after Thanksgiving, current Black Friday festivities stretch the whole month of November, which means the massive deals last weeks rather than days!

Amazon’s Black Friday sale last year began on Friday, November 25 and ended on November 26. But you don’t have to wait until then to get Amazon pet offers that your animal companions (and budget) will appreciate! Amazon and the Amazon app will have Black Friday bargains.

Amazon’s greatest Black Friday pet bargains

We’ll get the complete list of Black Friday discounts as the shopping event approaches, but for now, we’ve picked up a handful of our favorite current bargains.

Save this page and return soon for even more discounts. You may also go to Amazon’s deal page to see daily flash offers on goods.


Amazon is usually a good place to look for bargains. We anticipate a dynamic array of items to be on sale during the Christmas season. Shop today to bring home a selection of our tried-and-true cat and dog goods.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank our customers for choosing our website to read and refer to the best Amazon pet deals for Black Friday. We hope that you have chosen the right product for your pet at the cheapest price.


When will the Amazon Black Friday pet sales begin?

In-store Black Friday sales have traditionally began the day after Thanksgiving. However, we anticipate that online offers will be available as early as November 1.

How long will Amazon’s Black Friday pet bargains be available?

Some Amazon Black Friday pet specials begin in early November and extend for weeks rather than days, so bookmark this page for additional sneaky pre-holiday savings.

Are there any Black Friday deals on pet supplies?

Absolutely. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, Americans spent a record $97.5 billion on veterinary care in 2019.

Pet ownership can be pricey, but Black Friday is a great time to stock up on pet supplies when prices are down. Having a substantial stockpile helps you to cut back on your shopping trips throughout the winter.

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