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15 Best Air Purifiers For Cat Allergies Available

If you have cat allergies but still want to share your home with a feline friend, air purifiers can be a good solution. Allergies to pet hair and dander can be excruciating.

Cats who spend time outside may bring allergies such as pollens back home with them.

Furthermore, litter box odors and litter particles are frequently bothersome to people with respiratory sensitivity. If your cat suffers from seasonal allergies, the benefits of an air purifier can be extended to them.

Air purifiers remove dangerous particles from the air, as well as dander and flying loose fur, before they can land on your clothes, furniture, or bedding.

There are numerous types of air purifiers available, so BestForPets (bestforpets.org) compiled a list of the best air purifiers for cat allergies available.

Our reviews can help you learn the fundamentals and determine which one is best for your family.


Best Overall Filtrete Air Purifier

  • 12.2″L x 9.3″W x 18.3″H Dimensions
  • Color: White

The Filtrete Air Purifier is our top pick for cat owners. The small footprint may cover around 170 square feet. While this is an excellent option for a single area, it is easily portable and may be used wherever it is most needed.

Dust, mold spores, cat hair, smoke, pollen, and other microorganisms that generate odors are among the particles caught by the filter in this purifier.

With heavy use, the filter should be replaced every 6 months. When it is time to change the filter, an indicator will appear on the control panel.

The simple control panel features soft touch buttons for setting a timer, dimming the LED lights, and switching between three fan speed options.

This air purifier does not operate quietly. When it’s turned on, there will be some noise, and some people have complained that it’s too loud. Others, though, remark that it is quiet enough to sleep through.


  • Size is small.
  • Optional timer
  • Affordable


  • It may be noisy.


Best Value Germ Guardian Small Air Purifier

  • 7.75″L x 6.5″W x 11″H Dimensions
  • Color: Grey

The Germ Guardian Small Air Purifier is the best value option. This portable air purifier uses a HEPA filter with activated charcoal to clean and deodorize the air in your home. It traps pet hair while removing 99.97% of dust and allergens.

This is suitable for usage on a desktop, nightstand, counter, or table. It has three speed settings and can be moved about your home to ensure that you always breathe the cleanest air possible.

It is most effective in tiny spaces and may cover up to 78 square feet. Place it near the litter box to allow the activated charcoal filter to neutralize scents at their source.

This device has a UV-C light technology option. When this option is selected, it will aid in the killing of airborne germs and viruses.

The UV-C light bulb is replaceable. Vacuuming the filter between usage will help it last longer and keep the unit running smoothly. Replacement filters are available separately.


  • Inexpensive
  • Portable
  • Germs are killed by UV-C light technology.


  • Covers only a small area at a time


Premium Choice: Bissell air320 Smart Air Purifier

  1. 8.3″L x 14.75″W x 25″H Dimensions
  2. Colors: white and grey

This contemporary Bissell air320 Smart Air Purifier is elegant and fashionable. It features a simple style that will not clash with the rest of your home’s decor in any space.

Our best option air purifier has a three-stage filtration technology and can filter the air in large spaces. A pre-filter, activated carbon filter, and medical-grade HEPA filter work in tandem to capture 99.97% of airborne particles.

Dust, pet dander, and pollen will be eliminated by this device. It will also lessen the amount of smoke produced by cooking, burning, or smoking.

The air is drawn in via the filters, cleansed, and expelled via the top. Even with five different fan speeds, this air purifier operates with “library quiet performance.”

This air purifier analyzes the quality of the air in your house and provides you with a reading. It will then change to the right fan setting to ensure that your home’s air is as clean as possible.

Bissell is well-known for producing goods that cater to pet parents by cleaning up and protecting against potty accidents, messes, and odors. Bissell also helps save homeless dogs with every purchase.


  • Stylish appearance
  • Air quality readings are provided.
  • User-friendly


  • Moving from room to room might be difficult.
  • There are no various levels of filtering available.


Best for Cat Dander: Winix HR900 Ultimate Pet Air Purifier

  • Size: 16.3″L x 9.6″W x 23.6″H
  • Color: White

The Winix HR900 Ultimate Pet Air Purifier’s pre-filter is the first line of defense against cat hair and dander. It collects big particles, extending the HEPA filter’s life.

It’s also washable, so you can keep it clean and performing at its best. Plasma wave technology is used in this machine to break down smells, allergies, vapors, and microorganisms at the molecular level. It can clean up to 300 square feet of air around it.

This air purifier is suitable for use in workplaces, bedrooms, and living areas. The fan is said to be quiet enough not to interfere with reading, watching television, or holding a conversation.

The deodorized carbon filter absorbs and traps odors after collecting cat hair and dander. The front LED light of this unit will change in real time based on the air quality in your home.

If you use this in a bedroom, the machine will go into sleep mode to continue working efficiently while not disturbing you. When it detects light, it returns to auto mode.


  • Pre-filter is washable.
  • Performance that is quiet
  • Effective in combating cat dander


  • Large size
  • Luminous lights


Best for Cat Hair: Levoit Core Pet Care Air Purifier

  • 8.7″L x 8.7″W x 14.2″H Dimensions
  • Color: White

The Levoit Core Pet Care Air Purifier not only removes cat hair but also pet dander, dust, mold, and allergies from the air. Pet scents are absorbed by the carbon filter.

This machine may be used in any room and will blend in with the decor. If you use it in your bedroom, the fan is quiet enough not to disturb your sleep, and the display light can be turned off to keep your room dark.

A timer can be set for two, four, six, or eight hours. A filter-replacement light will remind you to change the filter in order to keep your machine running smoothly.

This machine can clean the air in an area of up to 219 square feet, making it suitable for usage in your workplace, den, bedroom, or living room.

If necessary, multiple units can be purchased for different regions of the house. The unit is also small enough to be moved from one room to another.

The buttons on the display are locked so that pets and children do not accidently change the settings. The normal time between filter changes is 6-8 months, but if you use your air purifier frequently, you may need to change it sooner.


  • The carbon filter eliminates odors.
  • Size is small.
  • Timer function


  • There is no air-quality monitoring.


Lasko Pure Platinum Air Purifier is the best allergen air purifier

  • 8.9″L x 2.3″W x 14.5″H Dimensions
  • Color: Black

The Lasko Pure Platinum Air Purifier is battery-powered and comes with a one-year supply of replacement filters. The thin design allows you to put it wherever. This machine, like many others, contains a sensor that alerts you to low air quality.

For your convenience, this item comes with a remote control. You can switch between the three various speed levels without getting up. A 7-hour timer, a child lock mode, and a sleep mode are also available.

In approximately 17 minutes, the machine will offer air filtration for up to 200 square feet. In three phases, it collects 99% of allergens such as dander, dust mites, mold, and pollen.

The carbon filter begins by removing smoke and odors from the air. It also collects dust, pet hair, and other debris. This filter has a 4-month lifespan.

The second stage is a pleated filter that eliminates irritants from the air. The TiO2 filter with UV light is the third stage, and it removes mold, germs, and viruses from the air.

Cleaner, aerosol, and paint fumes will also be reduced. The second and third stage filters have a lifespan of up to 12 months.


  • Operation by remote control
  • Replacement filters are included.
  • Sensor for air quality
  • Timer


  • Only covers one room at a time


Air Purifier for Crane Towers

  • 9.25″L x 9.25″W x 15.3″H Dimensions
  • Color: White

A True-HEPA filter, a pre-filter, and a UV lamp are included with the Crane Tower Air Purifier. The UV light degrades bacteria and germs in the air, while the filters catch irritants like dust, pollen, and dander.

To get the purest air in your home, you can pick between three speed and timer settings. There is a noise reduction setting as well as an automated shutoff mechanism when the timer has been used.

This machine is appropriate for rooms up to 300 square feet in size and can even be used in a school setting. It’s small enough that you can move it about your house if you like.

Depending on how frequently you use this machine, the HEPA filter should be replaced every 3-6 months.

Turning the unit upside down and unscrewing the huge screw in the center allows you to change the filters. Once the filters are in place, the screw must be tightened again.


  • Timer function
  • Noise reduction mode
  • Ultraviolet light


  • For use, they must be relocated to separate rooms.
  • Filters might be difficult to replace.


TrueAir Air Purifier by Hamilton Beach

  • 10.84″L x 8.08″W x 16.43″H Dimensions
  • Colors include white and grey, black, and white.

The Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier is whisper silent and employs three stages of filtration to clean the air in your house. It is intended to collect pet dander and neutralize pet odors. The HEPA filter catches dust, pollen, mold and mildew spores, and other contaminants.

You can select the most appropriate setting from three options. At night, the silent option can be employed. The rapid clean setting is more strong and produces results faster.

Large particles in the air are captured by the permanent pre-filter. This, as well as the permanent HEPA filter, can be vacuumed. To keep this machine running smoothly, the carbon filters must be replaced on a regular basis.

This unit can clean a bedroom, office, hallway, or living room up to 140 square feet in size. It can be positioned vertically or horizontally to accommodate the available area.


  • Affordable
  • Maintenance is minimal.
  • Quiet


  • There is no indicator to replace the filter.


HEPA Filter Germ Guardian Air Purifier

  • 11″L x 6.75″W x 27.25″H Dimensions
  • Color: Black

The Germ Guardian HEPA Filter Air Purifier is intended for allergy sufferers and pet owners who want to breathe easier at home. The HEPA air filter removes allergens while the activated charcoal filter keeps rooms feeling fresh and clean.

This filter has been treated with a PetPure antimicrobial chemical, which prevents mold and other odor-causing germs from growing on the filter’s surface.

This gadget breaks down bacteria and viruses in the air using optional UV-C light technology. It includes five settings, an 8-hour timer, and an indication for filter changes.

With a cleaning area of up to 180 square feet, you may put this machine wherever you need it the most. For heavy use, the filters should be changed every 6-8 months.

Every 10-12 months, the UV-C bulbs will need to be replaced. To extend the life of the carbon filter, vacuum it on a regular basis.


  • Technology of UV-C light
  • Surface of PetPure antibacterial filter


  • It could take some time to observe a difference in air quality.


Small Room Air Purifier Blueair Blue Pure

  • Size: 7.9″L x 7.9″W x 16.7″H
  • Colors: white and grey

The Blueair Blue Pure Small Room Air Purifier‘s compact but powerful power uses HEPASilent technology, which means you won’t be disturbed while it works.

This air purifier can clean rooms up to 190 square feet in 12.5 minutes and uses the same amount of energy as a lamp.

Because of its power and quiet operation, this is great for nurseries, guest rooms, and bedrooms. A particle sensor will automatically modify the machine based on the quality of the air.

This machine removes 99.97% of even the smallest airborne particles, such as mold, pollen, dust, and bacteria, using a three-part filtration system.


  • The air quality in the room is indicated by LED lights.
  • Quiet
  • Energy-efficient


  • The highest setting may be too loud.

Buyer's Guide: Choosing the Best Cat Allergy Air Purifier

Several aspects must be considered while selecting the best air purifier for your home. There is no such thing as a universal air purifier that is suitable for everyone.

When comparing filters, consider the kind, size, area cleaned, and replacement filter costs, and then select the one that best meets your needs. Here are a few things to think about while selecting the best one for you.

What Purpose Do Air Purifiers Serve?

Pollutants and allergens are removed from the air by air purifiers. You don’t have to have allergies or own a pet to enjoy the benefits of clean air in your house. However, utilizing an air purifier can significantly reduce cat hair, dander, and odors.

If you are allergic to cats, an air purifier might help you breathe easier when you are near your feline buddy. It will minimize dander and hair in the air before they become irritants.

These things can only be captured by air purifiers when they float in the air. The machine cannot move them once they have settled. Heavy allergens settle rapidly and are difficult to remove.

Room air purifiers can only work in a certain amount of space around them. Moving the air purifier from room to room is required if numerous rooms are to be filtered. You can also order additional units for the rooms where you intend to use them.

How to Make the Most of Your Air Purifier

Consider which rooms you want to utilize an air purifier in. Because people spend the most of their time in these places, bedrooms and living rooms appear to be the most popular selections.

Keep the purifier away from any walls or drapes. Nothing should be in the way of the airflow on all sides of the machine. Using the air purifier where it is most needed can help you get the greatest benefits.

Keep it running to ensure the purest air possible. By turning it off, allergies and particulates can settle. When the air purifier is running, keep the windows and doors to the outside closed. If your machine includes a timer option, you will be able to use it only when you wish, saving energy.

Clear up your filters. The quality of an air purifier is only as good as its filters. They will need to be replaced over time. Typically, such period occurs every 6 months.

Every three months, carbon filters that absorb and neutralize scents in the air should be updated. Learn how to clean your unit’s permanent filters if it has them.

Some of them require vacuuming. Others require cleaning with water and drying completely. Maintaining clean filters not only keeps your air cleaner, but it also extends the life of your air purifier.

Improving Your Home’s Air Quality

In addition to the air purifier, you can take steps to improve the air quality in your house. The air purifier has a limited capacity. You can assist it in reducing its workload by performing the following.

Reduce the number of chemicals you use inside. Paints, insecticides, cleansers, and glues can all contribute to poor indoor air quality. While your air purifier will help, it will not eliminate them from the air if utilized on a regular basis.

Reduce or eliminate indoor smoking, and limit the number of times you burn candles in your home.

On nice days, open your windows to let in fresh air. If you have allergies, use an air conditioner with a filter. This will aid in the circulation of air in your home.

Use your exhaust fans on a regular basis if you have them in your home.

Most importantly, vacuum. You can collect the particles missed by the air purifier by cleaning your floors, furniture, and surfaces in your home.

When these particles are churned up again in the air, whatever you miss has a second chance to be captured by the machine.

Air Purifier Filter Types

Many air purifiers contain many filters. The pre-filter collects big particles in the air, such as cat hair, as they pass past it. The primary filter captures tiny particles and allergens.

For odor management, activated charcoal or carbon filters can be used. Some devices feature all three filters, while others just include the first two.

The American Lung Association recommends HEPA filters, which are high-efficiency particulate air filters. A HEPA filter should be your primary filter. It collects 99.97% of particles larger than 0.3 millionths of a meter.

Odors can be eliminated using activated charcoal or carbon filters. Particles in the air can be removed by your air purifier. However, without an odor-control filter, it won’t do much against odors.

These filters may capture gases and vapors, as well as cooking and litter box aromas. You may assist reduce scents even more by placing the air purifier in the same room as the litter box.

Are Air Purifiers Disturbing?

Air purifiers clean the air by drawing it in via the filtration system and cycling it back out. Internal fans are usually responsible for this. Some can make a humming sound, while others are completely silent.

When deciding where you want to use your unit, choose one that runs silently, even at high speeds, for places like workplaces and bedrooms. When you desire a quieter clean, some machines have a silent option that must be selected.

Advantages of an Air Purifier

Air purifiers may include extra features. This may have an impact on the unit’s price. Some of these characteristics may make using the machine more convenient, while others may not be required.

Indicator of Filter Replacement

A light will show on the machine’s panel to notify you that your filter is nearing or has reached the end of its useful life and must be replaced.

This option may not be necessary if you remember to update your filter based on how frequently you use your computer. However, it can be convenient when you forget to do it.

Maintaining clean filters will keep your machine functioning properly, therefore replacing them on time is critical.

LED Panel Dimming

Adjusting the brightness of the display is useful if your computer lights up while you’re using it in a bedroom. If you’re using the machine in a living or common room, the brightness may not matter in the long run.


When you don’t want to manually turn on and off your machine, you can program it to run for a set length of time every day.

However, if you’re using a portable air purifier that sits on your desk or nightstand, turning it on and off may be so simple that you don’t need a timer.

Remote Management

It’s useful to be able to control your air purifier from across the room. Depending on how frequently you wish to modify the settings, the remote control may be useful.

Intelligent Controls

Some air purifiers may be operated via phone or voice command. While these features are more expensive, they have no effect on the overall performance of the machine.

These are features that cater to the user’s convenience. The presence of Smart capabilities does not imply that the device will perform better than one that does not.


The Filtrete Air Purifier is our top pick for an air purifier for cat allergies. It cleans a huge area quickly and affordably, plus it offers a timer option.

The Germ Guardian Small Air Purifier is our top value pick. It kills germs in the air by using UV-C light technology, however it only cleans a tiny area at a time.

The Bissell air320 Smart Air Purifier is our top selection. It has a beautiful look and measures air quality.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that our reviews of the best air purifiers for cat allergies available have assisted you in deciding on the best one to relieve cat allergies.

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