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The 9 Best Acrylic Fish Tanks

Acrylic aquariums are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason.

Acrylic is superior to glass in every way: it is stronger than glass, unbreakable, heavier, more transparent, and causes less distortion of vision than glass.

Acrylic also allows for more irregular shapes to be created.

However, acrylic has some disadvantages and limitations, such as being prone to scratches, being too light for specific installations, and potentially low in water weight.

The acrylic aquariums reviewed here can only hold up to 50 gallons of water. Some acrylic aquariums are larger than 200 gallons, but this size is usually the upper limit.

Despite their limitations, acrylic aquariums are a great innovation for the aquatic industry.

They are making it possible for consumers to enjoy their aquarium more by giving them the freedom to choose from more shapes and sizes than before, without breaking the bank.

To help you find the best acrylic fish tanks for your home or office, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has put together reviews of top models.

Advice on Choosing the Finest Acrylic Fish Tank

Finding the Perfect Acrylic Fish Tank:

  • Why do you want to have an acrylic aquarium? What you need for your aquarium depends entirely on your goals. A dwarf shrimp aquarium will look quite different from a small reef aquarium, which will look very different from a tank used to harden off plants before transferring them to the main show aquarium.
  • The quantity and kind of fish or invertebrates you plan to keep will dictate the size of the tank you should purchase. Over a hundred dwarf shrimp may be kept safely in a 10-gallon tank, whereas only five to ten goldfish can be kept in the same environment. Aside from the amount of room you have and the stability of the surface you plan to set the tank on, these factors will establish the tank’s final dimensions. While acrylic aquariums are lighter than glass aquariums, you still need to factor in the weight of the water, substrate, and decorations when deciding on an aquarium size.
  • The form of the aquarium you choose is nearly as crucial as its overall size. Goldfish and other fish who prefer long tanks over those that are tall and narrow won’t be happy there. Snails, shrimp, and other invertebrates often don’t care about the design of a tank as long as there’s food and places to hide. Before settling on an aquarium, it’s important to learn which shapes the fish you plan to keep prefer to live in.
  • Have you considered purchasing a complete starter kit? When starting off, this is an excellent way to guarantee that the filters and lights you purchase are suitable for your aquarium. Plus, it’s the most cost-effective way to make sure you have everything you need to get your tank up and running. Some folks, however, have brand preferences or simply enjoy the freedom of having a totally customizable tank. Experienced aquarists, on the other hand, are more at ease than beginners when it comes to assembling a tank out of various components.

Top-Notch Features of Acrylic Fish Tanks:

  • Acrylic is a form of plastic, therefore aquariums can be manufactured in a mold, or they can be constructed similarly to conventional aquariums using numerous pieces that are bonded together at the seams. While the sides of certain seamless aquariums may be completely devoid of seams, the top and bottom sections may still have seams at the points where they attach to the tank’s sides. Aquatic environments, whether seamed or seamless, are neutral. If a tank contains seams, it’s crucial that they be neat, aligned, and well sealed. Water pressure in a tank can cause leaks in poorly sealed joints.
  • An aquarium’s rim isn’t required if the aquarium’s body can support the weight of the water inside it. But aquariums’ rims brace them, making them sturdy even when filled with water. You may expect this to be a primary consideration in the design of any rimless aquarium you choose to purchase. Attempting to create a rimless aquarium by removing the rim is quite risky. The purchase of a rimmed aquarium will provide you with a sense of security and will make it possible to install a hood and other accessories that call for a rim.
  • Modularity: When shopping for an aquarium, it’s helpful if the manufacturer doesn’t insist that you just use their brand’s replacement parts. This provides you more options when it comes time to repair broken parts. With the exception of aquariums like the biOrb acrylic aquariums, which utilize the same equipment as the rest of the goods in the brand’s range, it’s best to choose a product that allows for some degree of customisation.
  • You should always start your aquarium shopping research with reading reviews, and the greatest ones are those that come from a variety of different sources. Unless you enjoy cleaning up a flooded living room and attempting to save your fish at 2 in the morning, most people aren’t going to take the chance of buying an aquarium if they’ve read in many places that it explodes when you fill it with water.
  • Warranties: The backbone of every quality product is its warranty. When making a purchase, it’s important to know that the company behind it has your back in the event of a problem.


You should buy an acrylic aquarium, as acrylic is quickly becoming the material of choice. They can be used instead of glass aquariums in a variety of places, and they are portable and easy to move.

The SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set is the most amazing acrylic aquarium product on the market.

The Tetra crescent-shaped acrylic aquarium set is the best choice if you are looking for the best bargain, while the biOrb Cube 30 Aquarium is the best choice if you are looking for a high-quality product.

It’s natural to feel nervous when buying an acrylic aquarium for the first time. However, these reviews by BestForPets (bestforpets.org) will help you learn about the best acrylic fish tanks.

Aquarists can choose from tanks ranging in size from 1.7 to 50 gallons, making it possible to keep a wide variety of fish in a variety of aquarium configurations.



The SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set Is the Best Option for Any Aquarist

The SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set is the greatest acrylic aquarium on the market because of its high quality and wide variety of available sizes, shapes, and colors.

There are nine different sizes to choose from, three distinct shapes, and the colors cobalt, black, and clear for the reflector and backing of the tanks. They’re constructed without obvious seams for a sleek, contemporary appearance.

The canopy, reflector, and fluorescent light fixture in this package are all pre-assembled for your convenience. The 10-gallon Flat Back Hexagon Minikit has a variety of extras like a filter, fish net, stick-on thermometer, fake plants, samples of fish food and water conditioner, and a light bulb.

The light bulb is not included with the other fixture sizes. This acrylic aquarium collection includes tanks suitable for both freshwater and saltwater environments, and the variety of sizes and forms means that there is something for anybody interested in aquariums of up to 50 gallons’ worth.

You’ll have to squeeze your arms through the fabricated gap since the acrylic canopy might distort over time and cannot be removed for tank upkeep.


  • With 9 sizes and 3 forms to choose from.
  • There are 3 color choices for the background and reflectors.
  • Sewn without visible stitches
  • Prefabricated roof shelter
  • That’s right, it’s a light fixture
  • In one package, you’ll get the basics for getting the tank up and running.
  • Convenient for both fresh and salt water
  • 10-50 gallon sizes


  • The canopy could buckle.
  • No way to take the canopy off
  • Light bulb not included with fixture.


Most Affordable Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit

The Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit is a great value for the money because it is both a high-quality product from a reputable manufacturer and an affordable option.

The water capacity of this tank is 5 gallons, and it features a sleek curved front design. Seamlessness is a design goal.

Included in this package are the following: a hinged hood, an LED light with a high-output white bulb, an internal filter with its initial cartridge, and a manual for setting up your aquarium.

The back of the tank has a cover with a built-in light. This tank’s compact form and unusual design make it a desirable alternative for tight quarters like flats and dorm rooms, as well as for use as a desktop ornament.

The hood’s feeding window makes it convenient to feed the creature. Acrylic construction prevents the visual distortion common to bowfront and curved front glass tanks, therefore the curved front of this tank is not a deal breaker.

Even though the LED lights included in this set are designed to live for many years, the fixture itself cannot be swapped out at this time.


  • Highest monetary return
  • Curved-front 5-gallon container
  • Sewn without visible stitches
  • An attached hood, an internal filter, and a filter cartridge are all included in this set.
  • Under-the-hood lighting system that uses LED lights
  • The feeding port is conveniently located.
  • Fits well in constrained quarters.


  • Not big enough for most fish
  • There is currently no alternative to light.


Aquarium with BiOrb Cube 30: The Best of the Best

There are two different types of lighting to choose from, as well as a choice of white, black, or clear accents for the biOrb Cube 30 Aquarium.

It comes in 8 or 16 gallons and costs more than the competition because it is made by biOrb. It includes a built-in canopy with a feeding window and is perched above an elevated base. You may choose the color of the canopy and the foundation.

The 5-stage filtration system and filter media in these tanks are illuminated by LEDs. A white LED with a simple on/off switch is one option, while a multicolored LED with adjustable brightness and color temperatures is another.

The surface area of the filter medium incorporated in the BiOrb is said to be comparable to that of a soccer field. Although there are no obvious blemishes, this aquarium does not have seamless construction.

All of the biOrb product line’s accessories and spare parts are compatible with each other, making it simple to find what you need if something breaks. However, this makes it more challenging to provide specialized filtration and other goods for this aquarium.


  • 8-gallon and 16-gallon sizes are readily available.
  • Possesses a palette that can be supplemented by one
  • You have a choice of two different kinds of LED lights.
  • Colorful, remote-controlled lighting
  • The built-in canopy features a feeding window.
  • Filter material having a large surface area is used in a five-stage filtration process.
  • Compatible with components from all biOrb product lines


  • Expensive Cost
  • Constraints on personalization
  • Not fluid
  • No way to take the canopy off


Aquarium Fish Tank Kit GloFish

The GloFish Aquarium Kit Fish Tank comes in 3- and 5-gallon sizes and is an affordable tank kit for keeping fish.

A half moon-shaped 3-gallon tank and a curved front or portrait-oriented 5-gallon tank are also on offer. It is seamless and features a detachable, low-profile hood.

A blue LED strip light is integrated into the hood of this unit, and a filter with a filter cartridge is included. The blue LED light was developed to bring out the best in the fish of the GloFish brand, but it may also be used to good effect with other species.

A feeding window is conveniently located in the hood. This tank is compact and stylish, making it ideal for tight quarters or display on a kitchen counter.

The lights may be swapped out if necessary, although doing so can cost as much as a new tank set. It would take a one-of-a-kind replacement hood cover to make up for the old one. A puck light, rather than a hood light, is included with the 3-gallon tank.


  • Sizes and forms are both adaptable to your needs.
  • Integration into the whole
  • Built-in blue LED light can be turned on and off, and the hood is easily removed.
  • Flamboyantly colored fish will appear even more vivid when exposed to light.
  • Window of opportunity for feeding
  • The size is suitable for cramped quarters
  • Comes with filter and filter cartridge


  • Not big enough for most fish
  • A new bulb costs nearly as much as the whole set.
  • To get a new canopy, you’ll have to submit a special order.
  • Fish cannot be properly filtered using a low-flow filter.
  • Puck light for 3-gallon tanks provides downward illumination.


The Imagitarium, a hexagonal aquarium

The Imagitarium Hexagonal Aquarium only comes in a 1.7-gallon size, making it too tiny for any but the tiniest of fish. The vertical and elongated shape of this tank makes it one continuous piece.

A filter and filter cartridge are included in this aquarium kit, as is a retractable hood with a feeding window and an integrated LED light.

The color of the light from the LED bulb may be changed by remote control. There are three different timer options: 2 hours, 4 hours, and continuous.

Due to its small size, this aquarium requires regular maintenance, including the replacement of the filter cartridge and water changes every few days.

Low-flow fish like bettas or invertebrates like cherry shrimp may not be suitable for this filter due to the filter’s noise and its inability to be adjusted for flow.


  • Distinctive form
  • Plants, solitary fish, and invertebrates of similar sizes do well in a 7-gallon aquarium.
  • Integration into the whole
  • Included is a removable hood with a feeding window.
  • The built-in LED light may be changed colors and is controlled via remote.
  • Light may be tuned to a variety of durations.


  • This item comes in only one size.
  • It’s possible that the tall, slender form will exceed the height limitations of some kitchen counters.
  • A size too tiny for most fish
  • Filter cartridge and water replacements for the tank should be performed often.
  • When using a filter, there may be background noise.
  • Some fish and invertebrates can’t handle the high velocity of the filter’s flow.

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