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The 3 Best Abound Cat Foods

Kroger is the owner of Abound cat food. Although it is touted as premium food, it is their in-store brand.

Their dishes are frequently free of maize, wheat, and soy, and are packed with more "natural" ingredients.

Since its inception in 2014, the brand has kept faithful to its roots. This brand sells both dry cat food and canned cat food. They offer recipes that are appropriate for cats of all ages.

Having said that, this brand isn't always as high-quality as Kroger portrays it to be. Continue reading for BestForPets' (bestforpets.org) full review of the best Abound cat foods.


Adult Cat & Kitten Dry Food, Chicken & Brown Rice, Abound Grain Free Natural

This recipe is suitable for both humans and cats, as the name says. You could even feed it to a senior cat without any difficulty.

It provides full, all-around nutrition for cats at all phases of development. Deboned chicken and chicken meal are the primary ingredients.

These give a good source of lean protein for your cat. Most cats can eat chicken without incident, while it can cause allergic reactions in some cats.

Following these meat ingredients, there follows a list of grains. This is to be expected for a grain-free recipe. Only whole grains, which are of higher quality than processed grains, are used.

Although these grains give some nourishment, they are plainly abundant in carbohydrates. Other high-quality substances are featured throughout the ingredient list.

For example, yucca schidigera extract is used. This addition has been proved to minimize the odor of cat feces, something almost every cat owner will appreciate.

There are also blueberries, cranberries, and other antioxidant-rich foods. There is also a comprehensive list of additional vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, there is no maize, wheat, or soy in this dish.

Animal byproducts, as well as artificial colors and tastes, are also prohibited. This formula contains a modest amount of protein and fat.

It doesn’t have as much protein as some other brands, but it should be enough for most cats. The protein is largely animal-based, thus it’s of decent quality.


  • The first ingredient is chicken.
  • High in antioxidants
  • Whole grains were incorporated.
  • There is no maize, wheat, soy, or artificial flavors or colors.


  • Protein content is only moderately high.
  • There are a lot of grains in there.

Cat Food Abound 3 Flavor Variety Pack

This bundle contains three different flavors of Abound’s wet food. Many people who feed wet food to their cats like to rotate the flavors.

This continuous changeover keeps things interesting and ensures that your cat is eating a range of meals. Each dish calls for shredded meat or fish of some kind.

Instead of water, broths are used, which increases the protein and fat content of the food. Of course, the broth enhances the flavor, which may be ideal for finicky cats.

To maintain completeness, these wet diets rely heavily on synthetic vitamins and minerals. In reality, each recipe has only a few components.

The majority of the time, only meat and a few vegetables are offered. The quality of the vegetables is determined by the recipe.

While some include high-quality vegetables, others include excessively starchy choices, such as potatoes. While these aren’t always a horrible alternative, they’re also not ideal for our felines.

These dishes include very few carbs. Rather, they are particularly heavy in protein and fat. As previously stated, this is just what your feline need to thrive.


  • Protein and fat content is high.
  • The first few ingredients are meat.
  • Instead of water, broth was used.
  • Excellent for finicky cats


  • Some low-quality vegetables were provided.
  • Natural vitamins and minerals are scarce.

Salmon with brown rice abound

This recipe is very similar to the other Abound dry cat meals available. It is, however, cooked with salmon and brown rice.

It does use chicken meal as a second ingredient, most likely because chicken is one of the least expensive animal proteins.

As a result, if your cat is allergic to chicken, this is not a good choice. The majority of the ingredients are of good quality.

However, because it is grain-inclusive, it contains a wide range of grains. Fortunately, the majority of the grains are whole, making them far superior to refined grains.

Because of the high salmon content, this formula is high in omega fatty acids. These omega fatty acids may be beneficial to felines that want to improve the health of their coat or skin.

Omega-3 fatty acids have also been demonstrated to aid with arthritis and other conditions in senior cats.


  • Omega-3 fatty acid content is high.
  • The first component is deboned salmon.


  • Grain content
  • Doesn’t work for cats who are allergic to chicken.

Abound Cat Food Evaluation

Who Produces Abound Cat Food, and Where Is It Made?

Kroger owns Abound cat food as an in-store brand. However, it is not manufactured by Kroger. They instead used an unknown manufacturer.

We also couldn’t figure out where the food was created, though it was made in the United States. There is no information available on where the ingredients are sourced.

As a result, they are most likely sourced from all around the world. The lack of clarity regarding the origins of the substances is concerning. After all, some countries do not have particularly stringent safety regulations.

Which Cats Are Best Supplied With Abound Cat Food?

For those who already purchase at Kroger, Abound could be a good mid-range cat food. They provide a wide range of recipes and product lines, letting you to select what is ideal for your cat.

They, for example, provide both grain-free and grain-inclusive mixes. This variety helps you to better combine your cat’s nutritional needs with your budget.

Having said that, all of their dishes are free of maize, wheat, and soy. This cat food brand often includes key vitamins and nutrients such as omega fatty acids, taurine, and magnesium in their cat food.

Ingredients of high grade, such as yucca schidigera, are also included. Overall, it appears that this food brand contains all of the extra nutrients you may be searching for in your cat’s food.

Abound cat food may be a good alternative for cats who do not have any specific health issues. However, it is unlikely to be the greatest or worst on the market.

Which Cats Would Benefit from a Different Brand?

If your cat has special health issues, you may need to try a different brand of cat food. Abound does not create recipes for specific health issues.

As a result, it is not appropriate for cats who have these health issues. Furthermore, while some of their recipes are grain-free, many of their most popular (and cheapest) formulations are grain-inclusive.

If your cat is sensitive to wheat, you should feed a different brand or look for a grain-free formulation. This cuisine isn’t as pricey as some other brands, but it’s also not cheap. As a result, it may not be suitable for individuals on a tight budget.

Primary Ingredients Discussion (Good and Bad)


The initial component in any of this brand’s formulas is meat. The particular type of animal ingredient varies by recipe. It usually complements the flavor of the cuisine.

Their chicken and brown rice recipe, for example, begins with chicken. The most popular meat elements are, as one might imagine, chicken, beef, turkey, and salmon.

These are widely used in the cat food industry since they are easy to find and reasonably priced. Typically, whole meats or meat dinners are employed.

These are both high-quality components. Meat dinners are essentially dehydrated meats that have been powdered.

They still have the same quantity of lipids and proteins, but they have a considerably lower moisture content (which is very handy when creating dry cat food).

The source of the beef is not specified by the company. We don’t know if or how it was raised in the United States.


Brown rice is commonly used in grain-inclusive recipes. Because this component is whole grain, it is generally more nutritious than processed grains.

While grains are not something that cats would eat in the wild, there is nothing inherently wrong with providing cats with a limited amount of carbohydrates in their diet.

When it comes to carbohydrates, whole grains are the way to go. Whole grains contain some essential elements. However, processed grains have lost a lot of their nutrients.

Fruits and vegetables

As you might think, this cat food brand incorporates a range of vegetables and fruits into its formulations.

Some of these vegetables are included to “bulk up” the cat food, particularly in grain-free recipes. For example, starchy vegetables such as sweet potatoes are frequently substituted for grains.

They’re inexpensive and high in carbohydrates. While they do contain some nourishment, they are frequently given in too high a concentration to be beneficial.

Fruits of various varieties are also presented. These fruits typically comprise antioxidant-rich berries such as cranberries and blueberries.

These add natural antioxidants to the meal, which aid in the prevention of a variety of ailments.


Cats are carnivores by nature. As a result, they require a lot of meat-based protein and fat to survive.

While they can eat some carbohydrates, the majority of their diet should consist of proteins and fats. All cats, including adults, kittens, and elders, have the same macronutrient requirements.

All breeds have similar macronutrient requirements. When it comes to protein content, this brand appears to be quite mediocre.

The fat percentage is slightly more than we would expect to find in commercial dry cat food. The protein content, on the other hand, is merely average.

This is to be anticipated given the price. Fortunately, this brand appears to be low in peas and other protein-rich vegetables.

As a result, the protein source is mostly meat. Because of this, it is of substantially greater quality than the protein offered by certain other companies.

A Brief Examination of Abound Cat Food


  • The first ingredient is meat.
  • There will be no corn, wheat, or soy.
  • There are no byproduct meals.
  • High in additional nutrients such as omega fatty acids
  • There are numerous high-quality ingredients incorporated.


  • Protein content is only moderately high.
  • A little pricey

History of Recalls

In 2018, this brand was only recalled once. This recall only affected part of the brand’s dry cat foods, as there was some worry that some recipes may contain high quantities of vitamin D.

Since then, there have been no further recalls. Given that this brand has been around since 2014, we’d say it’s fairly safe.

It has only had one recall, and it was not a serious one. Of course, this does not rule out further recalls in the future.

What Other Users Have to Say

This pet food has received mostly positive feedback. Several buyers have stated that the food was excellent for their sensitive-stomach feline, particularly those who throw up frequently.

Others discovered that the meal provided everything their cat required without the fillers and low-quality ingredients seen in other brands.

Many users were shocked that it came in a bag, however they couldn’t agree on whether or not they liked the pouches. It appears to be primarily a matter of personal preference.

Some consumers were dissatisfied with the price of the meal; nevertheless, according to our investigation, prices vary depending on the product and vendor.

More reviews can be found on Amazon, where we routinely check the reviews.


Abound cat food is a mid-priced brand of cat food. It contains high-quality ingredients, a lot of meat, and a variety of additives that are difficult to get elsewhere.

For example, most recipes incorporate berries, which are abundant in antioxidants. They do, however, employ a lot of starchy vegetables and grains.

This is to be anticipated from a grain-inclusive brand. They do offer a variety of foods for your pet to try, which keeps things interesting.

Having said that, we didn’t think this cuisine was particularly noteworthy. In general, it’s precisely what you’d expect for the price. Other, comparable priced brands offer better value.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that our list of the best Abound cat foods was useful in assisting you with your quest!

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