Dr. Grace Anderson

Dr. Grace Anderson specializes in emergency pet care and relief veterinary practice. She has over eleven years of expertise in veterinary medicine and has worked as a general practitioner and relief veterinarian at many animal clinics. Dr. Smith has previous expertise working in emergency animal facilities that provide urgent treatment on evenings and weekends. She is a self-employed relief veterinarian on Long Island, New York. Dr. Smith regularly gives presentations at veterinary conferences. Her academic background consists of a Bachelor of Science in Animal Bioscience from Pennsylvania State University and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Colorado State University.


BestForPets Animal Health Expert
11 years of experience practicing veterinary medicine, specializing in dogs
5 years of experience writing veterinary content, with a focus on dog care
Studied at Colorado State University and majored in Veterinary Medicine
Formerly worked as a veterinarian at Bay Shore Animal Hospital, and as a Veterinarian at VCA Commack Animal Hospital, both in Long Island, New York
Frequently invited to lecture at veterinary conferences


Dr. Grace R. Anderson has more than a decade of experience in veterinary medicine, science, animal welfare, conservation, and communication. Dr. Grace R. Anderson served as an associate veterinarian at many animal clinics, including Canine Care Center (CO), Pawsitively Purrfect Animal Clinic (WY), and Doggie Doctor (VA), in addition to serving as head of staff at Healthy Paws Veterinary Hospital (VA).

A Note From Dr. Grace R. Anderson

“In addition to being a veterinarian, I am enthusiastic about educating pet owners and veterinary teams and creating a collaborative approach. I believe that pet owners must have access to credible pet health information in order to be knowledgeable and active participants in their pet’s care. I am pleased to support this cause through BestForPets, where I provide reliable resources for pet owners.”


Dr. Grace R. Anderson received her Bachelor of Science in Animal Bioscience at the Pennsylvania State University. She graduated from Colorado State University with a doctorate in veterinary medicine.

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