Dr. Freddie Young

Dr. Freddie T. Young is a highly qualified veterinarian who specializes in emergency and critical care for tiny animals. Now, she serves as a relief veterinarian for various emergency and speciality hospitals, providing skilled treatment to animals in need.

Dr. Young is not only a veterinarian, but also a freelance veterinary writer. She is devoted to educating pet owners and giving them with the knowledge they need to make educated choices about their pet’s health. Dr. Young is a respected member of the animal health expert team at BestForPets.


BestForPets Animal Health Expert Membership
Almost twelve years as a qualified small animal veterinarian
Licensed to practice law in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania at this time.
American Veterinary Medical Association member
Independent veterinarian and medical writer
The author of “The Adventures of Scrappy, the Brave Rescue Dog.”


Freddie T. Young, DVM, is a highly qualified Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) with more than 12 years of expertise as an emergency veterinarian for small animals. She is presently a relief veterinarian, offering skilled treatment to animals in several emergency clinics and 24-hour veterinary hospitals.

Dr. Young is also a proficient freelance veterinary writer and the author of many children’s books. She is committed to educating pet owners and giving them with the necessary knowledge to make educated choices regarding their pet’s health.

Dr. Young’s interest in veterinary medicine started early in her career, when she worked as a veterinary assistant in an emergency animal hospital. This talent has influenced her writing and medical review since since she realized the significance of clear and precise communication when it comes to the health of pets.

A Note From Dr. Freddie T. Young:

“I have had roles in which I taught veterinary issues to a variety of audiences, including freshly minted veterinarians, veterinary support personnel, pet owners, and the general public. I am committed to delivering true and accurate information to anybody who needs it, regardless of their background or level of expertise.

I am so ecstatic to be working with BestForPets, where I can assist pet owners in gaining access to useful and current information on their dogs’ health and wellbeing. I think that by educating pet owners, we can enhance the lives of many animals and increase the link between humans and animals.”


The University of California, Los Angeles granted Freddie T. Young, DVM, a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Business Administration (UCLA). At the University of Arizona, where he earned his master’s degree in veterinary science, he did research on the impact of diet on canine health.

The University of California, Davis School of Veterinary Medicine awarded Dr. Young his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. His considerable education and research experience have provided him with a profound grasp of animal health and well-being, which he employs in his work as a veterinarian and writer.

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